Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Shackle

  • Swivel feature
  • Captive locking pin
  • High-grade stainless steel

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Ideal for marine applications the swivel snap shackle is an effective attachment item, with a swivel feature this shackle can be turned, rotated and allows for easy movement whether attached or not. With a captive spring-loaded pin there is never a concern of misplacement or losing the pin. With this simple and smooth pin being spring-loaded the user can simply pull the split ring located at the rear of the shackle, pull this ring and the shackle will open, once open attach to your desired location and simply release the pin to close and lock. The pivoting piece of the shackle is designed with a small hole to which the locking pin slots through for super secure and safe attachment. 

Swivel mechanism

Spring-loaded captive pin

AISI 316 

Marine grade

Overall Length A E M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
70mm 13mm 12mm 6.4 SSSSS070
87mm 16mm 16mm 8.8 SSSSS087
120mm 22mm 23mm 16.3 SSSSS120