Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit

  • Capacties from 6,000kg-12,000kg
  • Ideal for moving machinery and other heavy loads
  • Includes front steerable and rear fixed skates with tie rod
  • Exceptional value

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The Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit is perfectly suited to moving heavy loads and machinery up to 12,000kg or 12Tonnes in weight. Featuring a front steerable skate with pivoting load table while the two rear skates are fixed and held in line with two heavy duty tie rods, this ensures smooth and accurate transportation and makes the kit easy to steer in all directions.

Combine with our range of Steerman Toe Jacks and Roller Crow Bars for the ultimate machinery moving skate package.

LX6 kit includes the smaller front skate platform (this still pivots/rotates), LX12 includes the larger front skate platform shown in the main picture. The rear skates (with tie rods) are the same size for both kits.

Model Capacity Number of Wheels Wheel Diameter Load Area Front Skate Load Area Rear Skate x Width Weight Height
LX-6 6,000kg 12 85x90mm 185x150mm 300x250mm 45kg 115mm
LX-12 12,000kg 16 85x90mm 400x220mm 300x250mm 96kg 115mm