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Rollcamp designed & manufactured by industry experts Tractel

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Rollclamp designed and manufactured by industry experts Tractel and delivered to you with a Best Price Guarantee by Lifting Equipment Store.

This device enables the creation of a mobile anchor point on an R.S.J. It gives workers the opportunity to work under maximum safety conditions while retaining a wide freedom of movement. Thanks to its 4 bearing rollers, the Rollclamp follows movements around the framework with a minimum of user intervention.



The Rollclamp anchorage device provides maximum safety against falling for persons working on metal structures. The Rollclamp meets the requirements of construction workers who want considerable freedom of movement while they are attached to an anchorage device. This product is intended exclusively for anchoring a personal fall protection system, for example a lanyard with shock absorber or a Blocfor retractable lanyard.

Description and principle of operation

The Rollclamp can be broken down into 3 subassemblies:
1. a round bar with a welded clamp plate at one end
2. a movable clamp plate at the other end
3, a strap for anchoring the user.

The anchor is fitted on the beam by pushing the movable clamp plate to the end of the round bar, and then pulling it back providing approximately 15 mm clearance between the clamp plates and the flange. The movable clamp plate is locked in position on the round bar via a captive spring pin. The Rollclamp then moves freely along the beam on 4 nylon rollers, following the movements of the user.

This products is available in two sizes (PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH YOU REQUIRE WHEN ORDERING!):

  • Size M, corresponding to a “I” beam with a flange 380 mm max width.

  • Size L, corresponding to a “I” beam with a flange 640 mm max width.

    The Rollclamp anchor is designed to be fitted on an “H” or “I” beam. When the user works is sitting or standing on the beam, the Rollclamp must be placed on the upper flange of the beam. When the user works below the metal section, the Rollclamp must be placed on the lower flange of the beam.

    The key advantages of the Rollclamp are as follows :

  • Guarantees the user maximum safety without hampering them whilst working under such conditions.

  • Light weight meaning it is both comfortable and easy to use.

  • Easy movement with the 4 rollers.