Yale CPV F 400v Electric Chain Hoist

  • Supply Voltage 400v 3phase 50hz
  • Choose between 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 2500kg and 5000kg capacity
  • Height of lift up to 15m (for other lengths please call)
  • Single or Dual speed models available
  • Optional Electric trolley speeds: 18m/min (single speed) or 18 & 4.5m/min (dual speed)
  • Available with lug, top hook, push trolley or electric trolley suspension

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The Yale CPV motorized chain hoist is a best in class, Yale set the very high standard for electric hoists when they designed the CPV. Impeccable quality, durability and impressively aesthetically pleasing. 

Simplicity and safety were in mind when this hoist was designed, the user requirements are for a competitively priced, superb quality electric chain hoist with optional single or dual speed operation, the hoist can be suspended in a number of universal ways from top hook to an electric travel trolley that provides motor-driven lateral traverse ability.

When ordering a CPV hoist there are many options you can specify from hoisting speed to pendant control length, almost every aspect of this hoist is customizable to suit the market needs.

The hoist unit is robustly constructed to withstand knocks and abrasion (non-corrosive). This industrial hoist boasts mainline contractors for increased safety, 50% duty cycle for single speed hoists- so you can use your hoist for longer periods of time without the motor overheating.

The slipping clutch is fully adjustable from the exterior, designed to ensure there is a permanent connection between the brake and the load. IP55 level of protection again dust and water jets make this hoist ideal for use in areas where there are very light levels of dust and water (for models more suited to this please call our office)

Standard suspension method is lug suspension for increased safety on permanent fixtures. If you purchase lug or hook suspension and later decide you want to upgrade to a push or electric travel trolley, the hoists are fully compatible with all Yale trolleys and these can be ordered separately.

Lug suspension- the hoist is fitted with a lug suspension point which can be securely bolted and unbolted, ideal for permanent applications.

Hook suspension- the hoist is fitted with a snap hook on top, this is ideal temporary applications and favoured in hire fleets.

Push Trolley suspension- the hoist is fitted with an integrated manual beam trolley that allows the hoist to be suspended from a beam and manually pushed along the beam (while loaded) 58-180mm beam width, others on request.

Electric Travel Trolley suspension- available in single or dual speed formats, the electric trolley is a motorised version of the push travel trolley, allowing the hoist to electronically travel along a beam, this is all controlled from the same pendant control as the hoist.

Speeds: 18m per min (single speed) or 18 & 4.5m per min (dual speed). 58-180mm beam width, others on request.
We have the ability to supply everything you need from the hoist unit and festoon cable to installation and testing of the equipment.

Longevity & Safety Combined

As two major considerations when buying any hoisting device, a long life span is achieved through quality engineering and the latest electrical technology and protected against the elements to IP55 meaning the unit can be used extenally. Optional dual speed operation reduces stress to the electronics adding further to the long life-span of your hoist. A 42v low-voltage control power increases operator safety especially when operating outdoors, all Yale pendant controls are IP65 insulated for additional protection. The slipping clutch, which is externally adjustable provides overload protection to ensure that the hoist is never at risk from an overload failure in the event that the operator incorrectly overloads the hoist.

If one plans to operate externally in a potentially wet environment it is recommended that the unit be parked under a shelter when not in use and when is use a weather cover should be fitted to both the hoist and trolley.


The Electromagnetic Load Brake- How does it work? As part of an electric chain hoist, our CPV features a high-quality electromagnetic brake. This brake when no power is applied is at full lock, when you hit the directional button on the control pendant this sends an electrical signal to release the brake so that the chain wheel can be turned by the hoist motor and lift lower the load. When you release a button this releases the brake and locks back into a position which prevents any movement of the chain wheel and thus holds the load. In the event of a power failure, the brake would automatically engage and hold the load as it is the electrical power that releases it.


High Ratings

An exceptional motor duty rating of 1 Am (M4) is achieved on all standard hoists meaning that the hoist can comfortably be used at 63% of its maximum capacity for around two hours per day with no undue stress to the motor and other electrical components, M4 rating is generally the industry standard rating for powered chain hoists however we can offer a special 3m per M6 rated hoist designed to operate comfortably at 63% of its maximum capacity for around 8 hours.






Heavy Duty Right Down To The Touch

Fitted with a wired pendant control by default, the CPV hoist features either a two-button and four-button hand control with emergency stop button. The unit is wired directly into the hoist, the voltage in the hand control is just 42v and there for very safe to handle. Built into the pendant cable is a steel strainer cable to prevent accidental unplugging of the control pendant from the hoist in the event of a snag or rough usage by the operator. Cable lengths as standard are around 1m less than the chosen 'Height of Lift' for example, if the height of lift is 3m then the pendant cable will be 2m in length to ensure this sits around waist height of the operator, this provides an ergonomic position whilst protecting it further against dragging along the floor and being stepped on or crushed.

Worry Less about replacing your directional markers, by moving the directional arrow markers to the side of the rubber buttons there is less wear and tear on directional markers giving you fewer maintenance worries and more time to perform safe lifts.

Neat & Tidy- Slack Chain Containers

When raising the hook load chain is fed into the machine, around a chain wheel and out the other side. The chain that leaves the hoist is slack chain as the hook travels up towards the body. The addition of an optional chain bag (recommended) conveniently and safely captures and stores the slack chain. Made from heavy-duty fabric and bolted to the hoist body via a reinforced steel bracket, chain bags are flexible and don't make transportation of the hoist a chore. Resistance to chain lubricant prevents rapid degrading of the bag and adds to stronger service life. Without a chain bag, the slack chain leaving the machine simply dangles next to the operator or load and can potentially damage vulnerable loads or even interact with the operator which can become distracting and inconvenient. 9 out of 10 Customers choose to add a chain bag.


Precision Engineered- Geared To Perfection

Integrated mechanical limits and electrical limit switches prevent unintentional operation, these are easily set up and adjusted by a suitably competent person, whilst an overload protection device in the form of a slipping clutch prevents the unit from lifting any more than 125% of the rated load capacity. At this point the load may be lifted an inch or two before the chain sprocket will 'slip' and prevent any movement of the load chain- this ensures an overcapacity load is never handled by the machine, the slipping clutch can be adjusted but it is recommended that you adjust the capacity of the hoist in line with this and re-test by a professional before further use. Download the manual for further details.

An oil bath lubricated gearbox features helical gearing for a super smooth running and enhanced life-span.

Service & Maintenance

It is recommended that in line with UK regulations that you inspect and maintain your hoist in accordance with LOLER and PUWER regulations. The minimum inspection period for this hoist to meet the LOLER inspection regulations is once every 12 months. The minimum service period for this hoist is to be assessed reasonably by the owner in accordance with the usage- for example, if the hoist is used once per week an annual service might be acceptable. If the hoist is used throughout the day every day then a 3-monthly service might be more acceptable and help reduce downtime due to unexpectedly worn parts. A member of our team can help tailor an inspection and maintenance plan to suit your individual operation.

Radio Control Upgrade- A further safety and convenient advantage to our Yale CPV hoist is the optional wireless radio control upgrade. An alternative and replaces the standard wired pendant control allowing the operator to stand a safe distance from the load being lifted enables better viewing of critical load points, a general safe distance advantage and complete flexibility avoiding accidents and complications that can occur with a wired hand control. The Magnetek Flex Base radio control system is fitted to your new hoist and programmed completely free if purchased at the same time as your new Yale CPV hoist. This includes the mounting of the wireless receiver to the hoist body and twinning of the handset to the correct setting. Replacement and additional handsets combined with a huge stock of accessories are available from LES with next day delivery.

Top Tip: Always ensure a good amount of lubrication is applied to the hoist load chain, failure to lubricate moving parts increases friction and reduces the life-span of critical components such as load chains, sprockets and chain guides. 

Powering Your Hoist

If mounted on a I-beam type beam using a manual or electric beam trolley then powering the hoist safely without snagging the power cable can become a real concern. Luckily we offer a simple solution to solve this issue- our Festoon Power Feed System, a complete power feed system including everything you'll need in order to connect your hoist to a three-phase electrical supply. Simply select the length of your runway beam- we offer the rail in 3m lengths (easily cut down with a saw or joined with the included brackets to suit your beam), choose your cable type (for the Yale CPV and CPV F hoists this is 4Core 2.5mm) and we will configure a tailored festoon cable feed power system to suit your hoist and beam. Worry no more about cable management.

Choose Your Festoon System Here

  • Upper & Lower Limit Switches
  • 42v low voltage pendant control rated to IP65 
  • Externally adjustable slipping clutch
  • Hoist motor to IP55
  • Easily removable chain sprocket and guide
  • Fitted with high quality European load chain
  • Oilbath lubricated gearbox with case hardened helical cut gears for smooth and quiet running and to further the hoist life span
  • Optional rain protection jackets available upon request
  • Optional Stainless Steel load chain upon request
  • Optional high speed units up to 20m/min available upon request

Model Capacity Number of Chain Falls Hoisting Speeds Weight*- Lug/Top Hook Suspension Weight*- Push Travel Trolley Weight*- Electric Travel Trolley**
CPV 2-8 250kg 1 8m/min 19kg 28kg 33kg
CPV/F 2-8 250kg 1 8 & 2m/min 19kg 28kg 33kg
CPV 5-4 500kg 2 4m/min 21kg 30kg 35kg
CPV/F 5-4 500kg 2 4 & 1m/min 21kg 30kg 35kg
CPV 5-8 (FAST) 500kg 1 8m/min 21kg 30kg 35kg
CPV/F 5-8 (FAST) 500kg 1 8 & 2m/min 27kg 42kg 50kg
CPV 10-4 1000kg 2 4m/min 28kg 43kg 51kg
CPV/F 10-4 1000kg 2 4 & 8m/min 29kg 44kg 52kg
CPV 10-8 (FAST) 1000kg 1 8m/min 58kg 77kg 84kg
CPV/F 10-8 (FAST) 1000kg 1 8 & 2m/min 59kg 78kg 85kg
CPV 20-4 2000kg 2 4m/min 63kg 82kg 89kg
CPV/F 20-4 2000kg 2 4 & 1m/min 64kg 83kg 90kg
CPV/F 25-8 2500kg 1 8 & 2m/min On Request On Request On Request
CPV/F 50-4 5000kg 2 4 & 1m/min On Request On Request On Request


*Weight at standard 3m height of lift

**Add 2kg for dual speed electric travel trolley

Electric Travel Trolley Speeds: 18m/min (single speed) or 18 & 4.5m/min (dual speed)

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