Yale Hydraulic Chain Cutter

  • Safe Cutting up to 16 mm diameter chains
  • Suitable for grade 80 and 100 chains

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New and improved, is the Yale Hydraulic Chain Cutter, model YCC-201. Designed for safe and quick cutting of high tensile chains up to 16mm in diameter. It is suitable for grade 80 and 100 chains. The cutting force is supplied by the standard single acting cylinder model: YS-23/50.


The recommended pumps for this product are:

  • Air powered pump PAY-6
  • Electric Power Pack: PY-04/2/5/2M
  • Hand Pump: HPS-2/0.7

The return of the movable blade is performed by the return spring of the hydraulic cylinder after relief of the hydraulic pressure. In combination with the PY-04/2/5/2M the blade returns automatically. 

The chain cutter has two blades, a fixed blade, and a movable blade. Both blades are identical and interchangeable. 

The unit is also equipped with a unique chain support bar. This allows for perfect positioning of the chain link and leads to a much longer service life.