BA bulb bar anchors

  • Designed for attachment to bulb profiles
  • Up to 6000kg capacity
  • Maximum of 430mm bulb 
  • Unique large bow for easy connection to most lifting machines

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The BA bulb bar anchor is designed for an attachment to bulb profiles, often these are found in ship compartments and engine rooms. The bulb bar provides a semi-permanent lifting point. The unique large bow hook ring gives easy connection for all different types of lifting machines. 


** Please not that this model must NOT be used for lifting beams. It is a suspension point

Model WLL (kg) Max Bulb (mm) Weight (kg)
BAO.75 750 80-160 3
BA1.5 1500 160-240 4
BA3.0 3000 240-320 5.5
BA6.0 6000 320-430 12.5