Steerman Load Moving Skate Systems


Steerman are a worldwide recognised brand in load moving skates, machine moving skates and handling equipment. Designed with the professional load mover in mind, the Steerman load moving systems have been developed over many years to achieve total ease of operation and maximum safety.

The Steerman load moving system comprises of a steerable front section and a pair of adjustable rear skates. The innovative load moving systems are available in capacities from 10000kg (10Tonnes) up to 100000kg (100Tonnes). Each set of load moving skates can be stripped down to component parts for easy transportation.
Steerman load moving skates are an absolute MUST for hire companies!

Steerman Load Moving Skate Systems RANGE

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  1. Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit

    As low as £392.24 £326.87
  2. Steerman SCS Caterpillar Skates

    As low as £471.76 £393.13
  3. Steerman SX10 Rear Skate Only

    £737.74 £614.78
  4. Steerman SX20 Rear Skate Only

    £884.72 £737.27
  5. Steerman SX30 Rear Skate Only

    £1,264.69 £1,053.91
  6. Steerman SX10 Front Skate Only

    £1,281.32 £1,067.77
  7. Steerman SX20 Front Skate Only

    £1,605.82 £1,338.18
  8. Steerman SX30 Front Skate Only

    £2,080.08 £1,733.40
  9. Steerman SX60 Rear Skate Only

    £2,927.36 £2,439.47
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