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At Lifting Equipment Store we supply an extensive range of Lifting shackles including Bow, Dee, Safety Pin, Screw Pin, Square Head variants, and much more.

Our range is so vast... we have shackles from 0.33 Tonnes right up to 1500 Tonnes. We have variations that can be supplied to US Federal Specification RR-C-271, EN 13889, British Standard 3032, DIN 82101, and more. We even have access to specialist Polar Shackles to cater to environments as cold as -40 degrees C - you name it we have it, all available with rapid shipping and delivery as short as a day.

Our range of shackles, in particular, Premium Green Pin and Crosby or Economy, are always supplied fully certified before dispatch, and can be finished by Hot Dipping, Hot Dop Galvanising, Electro Galvanising, Painted, or Self-Colour - your options are endless with LES.

When it comes to delivery, we won't be beaten. In fact, regularly we supply large quantities to destinations all over the globe. And furthermore, our prices are extremely competitive, backed by our Price Match Promise.

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  1. Green Pin Standard Dee Shackles With Scr...

    As low as £3.59 £2.99
  2. Blue Pin Standard Safety Pin Bow Shackle...

    As low as £1.94 £1.62
  3. Blue Pin Standard Safety Pin Dee Shackle...

    As low as £2.27 £1.89
  4. Blue Pin Standard Dee Shackles With Scre...

    As low as £1.66 £1.38
  5. Blue Pin Standard Bow Shackles With Scre...

    As low as £1.36 £1.13
  6. Green Pin Dee Shackles With Safety Pin

    As low as £8.22 £6.85
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At Lifting Equipment Store, we offer every type of Green Pin Shackle on today’s market. Our range of Dee and Bow Shackles are Dutch manufactured to the highest standards, while we can provide a specific design for a specific application.

In most cases, a chain or Dee shackle is used on one-leg systems, while an anchor or Bow Shackle is mainly utilised on multi-leg systems.

Our range of Green Pin Shackles stretch from 0.33 Tonnes to 1,500 Tonnes Safe Working Load Limits. You’re always guaranteed premium quality with Green Pin and the conform to EN 13889. All versions are designed to be highly functional and we can also provide Grade 8 steel constructed shackles without loss of functionality or Working Load Limit.


It’s important to know that load reduction has to be taken into account in extreme temperature situations, while finishes with any version can either be hot-dipped, galvanised, electro-galvanised, or painted, depending on the specific application.

Bow Shackles are the most common type to secure loads, however, the ‘D’ type is slimmer, making it more suitable for tighter applications.


We’re regularly providing large quantities of Lifting Shackles in the UK and overseas, and we can ship directly to your customers. In addition to our extensive selection of Green Pin products, we also have a selection of Economy Shackles for capacities up to 12 Tonnes, and they are ideal for most type of lifting, rigging, and pulling.

You can learn more about our range by getting in touch with our Sales Team, who’s happy to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.