Wall Mounted Jib Cranes


If you’re in the market for a quality Jib Crane, but floor space is at a premium, eliminating the possibility of a Free-Standing model, there’s no need to panic!

Our range of Wall-Mounted and Clamp-Around Column Jib Cranes is the answer to your prayers, driving productivity and saving on that precious real estate.

Available in capacities from 80kg up to 1,000kg (1 Tonne), our range comes with arm lengths and column heights from 2m to 6m.

Coming as standard with a powdered-coated yellow finish, designed for extremely high-visibility in indoor environments, we can also supply all variants in either hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel finishes – please call us should you require a specialist finish.

All of our Over- and Under-Braced Wall-Mounted and Clamp-Around Swing Jibs are fitted with a smooth-running integrated push travel trolley that can accommodate a hoist, vacuum lifter, or tool balancer, that can be easily hooked or shackled into place – for hoisting options, please contact our Sales Team.

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  1. Wall-Mounted Over-Braced 80kg Jib Crane

    As low as £626.40 £522.00
  2. Wall-Mounted Over-Braced 125kg Jib Crane

    As low as £688.80 £574.00
  3. Clamp Around Column Over-Braced 125kg Ji...

    As low as £688.80 £574.00
  4. Clamp Around Column Over-Braced 80kg Jib...

    As low as £688.80 £574.00
  5. Clamp Around Column Over-Braced 125kg Ji...

    As low as £688.80 £574.00
    Out of stock
  6. Clamp Around Column Over-Braced 250kg Ji...

    As low as £760.80 £634.00
  7. Wall-Mounted Over-Braced 250kg Jib Crane

    As low as £760.80 £634.00
  8. Wall-Mounted Over-Braced 500kg Jib Crane

    As low as £902.40 £752.00
  9. Clamp Around Column Over-Braced 500kg Ji...

    As low as £902.40 £752.00
  10. Wall-Mounted Over-Braced 125kg Hot-Dip G...

    As low as £973.20 £811.00
  11. Wall-Mounted Over-Braced 80kg Hot-Dip Ga...

    As low as £973.20 £811.00
  12. Wall-Mounted Under-Braced 80kg I-Beam Ji...

    As low as £1,011.60 £843.00
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To make your life as easy as possible, Lifting Equipment Store can arrange the installation of your chosen Jib Crane (Free-Standing, Wall-Mounted, and Clamp-Around Column), anywhere in the UK, in any environment.

Also, to ensure that the selection process is as easy and faultless as possible, we are now offering a suitable electric or manual hoist as an option. We’ve done the calculations for you, and we’re positive you’ll be happy with our choice.

For further information, or for just a chat about your jib crane set-up, please contact our Sales Team who can talk you through every step in detail.

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