Yale BMZ Modular Hydraulic Puller Kits

  • Up to 23,000 kg maximum pulling force
  • Up to 300mm Maximum arm reach

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Yale Hydraulic pullers with separate hydraulic components are an invaluable tool for the maintenance engineer. The pullers provide time and cost savings, as they offer a high level of working safety and can be operated in all positions. The harder the pulling force, the tighter the grip on the jaws. Longer jaws up to 1000mm are available on request.


Hydraulic pullers are used in all kinds of different applications such as workshops, and in many repair and assembly jobs to remove or install interference fit parts such as gears, couplings, bearings, wheels, pulleys, axles, shafts, brake drums, and many other types of press-fit components. 


The Hydraulic pullers are available as a kit with the Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump to match, But don't worry if you already have your own pump and cylinder, the pullers are available to purchase on there own. 

  • High-quality design and powder-coated finish
  • Black colour- ideal for theatre use
  • Models up to 320mm beam and 10,000kg WLL
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Yale 12 month return to base warranty

Model Capacity (kg)

Included Hydraulic Cylinder Model

Included Hand Pump Model Included Hydraulic Hose Model Stroke Of Cylinder Maximum Arm Reach (a) (mm) Maximum Diameter (b) (mm) Weight (kg)
BMZ-1000 10,000 None None None N/A 300 350 9.5
BMZ-1010 10,000 YS-10/150 HPS-2/0.7 HHC-20 150 300 350 21.5
BMZ-1500 15,000 None None None N/A 300 350 9.5
BMZ-1510 15,000 YS-15/150 HPS-2/0.7 HHC-20 150 300 350 23.5
BMZ-2300 23,000 None None None N/A 190 700 28
BMZ-2311 23,000 YS-23/160 HPS-2/0.7 HHC-20 160 190 700 45