Novawinch Pro-Series Electric Truck Winch

  • Single line capacities up to 18500lbs (8391kg)
  • Connects to 24V DC supply
  • Includes 4-way roller fairlead (stainless steel)
  • Vehicle-mounted for tow trucks, trailers, pick-ups and SUV's
  • IP67 Water resistance
  • Includes wire rope with hook
  • Double lock brake in gearbox
  • 8 X longer working time

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The winch that should be on every truck...
Designed, developed, tested and trusted by those who matter... 
Every "Trucker" needs a winch they can rely on and be with them every step of the way! 
Introducing the Novawinch Pro Series Electric Truck Winch... 
Created to not only remain aesthetically pleasing but to be functional and perform when it matters the most. 
The Novawinch Pro-series Electric Truck winch has been put through its paces, thrown into every imaginable situation to ensure it is fit for purpose whatever the weather, whatever the situation, whatever the requirement you can rest-assured this winch is with you through it all. 


You can be confident in this product designed with unrivalled durability and strength to be world-class standard and leading the way in the winching world. 


What's not to love?! 

  • An unrivalled winch time of 4 minutes, that's 8 x more than its competition! 
  • Supplied in 24v DC 
  • Stainless steel hardware offers hard wearing corrosion resistance.
  • A larger drum diameter reduces rope wear.
  • IP67 Water resistance, heavy-duty reliable construction, fast line speed up to 8.9m/min 
  • 280amp eliminates short-circuiting, double lock brake resulting in low heat meaning longer use times than the standard competition. 
  • Brake system innovation provides zero cable drag, efficiency at its finest. 
  • Handheld wired remote, weather-resistant, single finger operation offering durability and anti-corrosion in the elements.

Like any winch it is important it is used correctly... 

Pay attention to these key points we feel you should follow when configuring your winch: 

There should be no sign of angles from point A (winch) to point B (anchorage point) no bends, twists, kinks or knots. 

No angles from point A to point B will greatly reduce strain or stress on your winch, whilst offering even winding on the reel of the drum

A pulley block can greatly increase the load capacity of your configuration.
It also reduces unnecessary strain and stress on the winch and its mechanisms...

The pulley block should be 2 x the winch pull line rating. There should still be no twists or bends introduced at any point in your configuration. 

From winch to first connection point must remain straight. 

However, the 2nd line can have an angle introduced (see fig. 1)

  • Convertible control box
  • Weather-resistant industrial grade rubber toggle hand-held switch with 12.8ft (3.9m) lead
  • Stainless steel winch body hardware and roller fairlead
  • All components conform to European safety regulation requiring a 50% overload test
  • Double-lock brake system 100% load-holding brake design provides zero drag on cable in, located inside the gearbox away from the drum to eliminate heat transfer to the rope.
  • Professional outdoor satin-black powder-coated finish- non-pealing
  • Chrome-plated ergonomic free spool knob lifts and turns effortlessly. Easily rotate in 45 degrees gearbox design allows winch to be mounted in to a vehicle bumper
  • Optional extras: Wireless remote control, Synthetic rope

Model Rated Line Pull Motor Gear Train Gear Ratio Clutch Braking Action Fairlead Wire Rope Drum Size Dimensions Bolt Pattern Net Weight (with wire rope)
PRO14500 14500Ibs(6577kgs) single line DC 24V: 5.5hp/4.2kW 4 stage planetary gear 505:1 Pull and turn Automatic in the ratchet wheel 4-way roller fairlead 29/64″x92′(10.3mmx29m) 3.46″x8.66″(88mm•220mm) 27.76″•10.5″•12.5″(705mm•266mm•318mm)
10″x4.5″(254mmx 114.3mm)
10″x6.5″(254mmx 165.1 mm)
170Ibs (77kgs)
PRO16500 16500Ibs(7484kgs) single line DC 24V: 5.9hp/4.5kW 4 stage planetary gear 505:1 Pull and turn Automatic in the ratchet wheel 4-way roller fairlead 29/64″•92′(11.5mm•28m) 3.46″•8.66″(88mm•220mm) 27. 76″x 10.5″x 12.5″(705mm•266mm•318mm)
10″x6.5″(254mmx 165.1 mm)
176Ibs (80kgs)
PRO18500 18500lbs (8391kgs) single line DC 24V: 8.6hp/6.5kW 4 stage planetary gear 505:1 Pull and turn Automatic in the ratchet wheel 4-way roller fairlead 1/2″ x 85.3′ (13mm x 25m) 3.46″•8.66″(88mmx220mm) 27. 76″x 10.5″x 12.5″(705mm•266mm•318mm)
10″ x4.5″(254mmx114.3mm)
10″x6.5″(254mmx165.1 mm)