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Platform Trolleys



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You'll notice that the item has a simple design so you and your team can use it straight away with minimal training. You can expect most versions to follow the design of a flat platform with four casters (wheels) and a fixed handle which is used to either push or pull the platform and the load it's carrying. It's important that you know what weight capacity you need your trolley to carry as there are multiple different versions that are capable of carrying up to 250kg.

The easy-to-use moving equipment is foldable so that you can store them with ease when not in use to avoid any increased chances of hazards or having them take up unnecessary floor space. You can get variations of the product to match certain applications or to move goods for certain industries with the product being able to be made for bespoke requirements.

Platform trollies are used in a range of industries such as construction, schools, libraries, warehouses, and factories to name a few showing how versatile the product is and where you can use them.


There are a number of advantages you can get from using one of these robust and heavy goods moving solutions. Transporting heavy or uneven material manually can be a challenging task which is where having one of these can help as they are there to make the transportation process easy and safer for you, your team, and anyone else moving items on your site.

Most trolleys have a grip where the load sits to ensure the load stays in place and does not become unbalanced. For anyone operating this equipment, it means they will not have to worry about the load accidentally slipping or becoming unstable. The wheels on it allow for a smooth transportations process as long as there are not any obstructions in the surrounding area so you can move items around your floor space with ease.

You can also use platform trolleys to transport goods from one place to another that might be wider and odd shaped when something like a machine mover can't do the job. 


When lifting any heavy items there is always a potential risk and that's where this item can help significantly reduce the risk of damage and personal injury. Platform trolleys are designed to take the heavy lifting out of moving objects, small and heavy, so it is less strain for the operator and person moving the item to ensure a safe and easy transportation method. You need to remember to not try to exceed the capacity of the variation you have as this can potentially damage the goods its carrying, making it less efficient when transporting. 

If you're carrying heavy goods, please always ensure you're wearing the correct safety equipment such as suitable safety clothing, gloves, and footwear to avoid any personal injury to the operator.


If you are in an industry that requires the transportation of heavy loads and items, then this item might well be the right answer for you and your moving challenge. 

At LES, your needs come first so for any further information you can contact a member of our LES team so that we can find a product that will fit all your requirements

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Platform Trolleys and Flatbed Folding Trolleys are designed for easy transportation of heavy and bulky items where carrying over such a distance would be unsafe or strenuous and excessive.

Taking the strain out of hard work is our complete range of ergonomically designed Platform Trolleys available in a variety of finishes such as Steel, Albumin, Powder Coated, Galvanised, and Stainless Steel.

Ideal for transporting light to medium loads, we offer trolleys for indoor, outdoor, industrial, and agricultural use with a number of design formats including flatbed, single sided, double sided, three sided, four sided, steerable, and 'balance' Trolleys in a range of capacities.

For more information on our range of Platform Trolleys please contact our sales team today.

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