Demag Jib Cranes

Demag Jib Cranes


Demag jib crane systems are compatible with three phase voltage, however others can be requested. 

There are a few simple options to choose from when purchasing a jib crane system from Demag.

  • Height of the jib crane required, we can custom build jib crane systems to specific heights to suit all applications.
  • Safe working load, the maximum rated capacity you require to lift, this will be the same for the hoist and the jib crane.
  • Outreach, this is the length of the jib arm (the arm where the hoist trolley sits).
  • Voltage, regular UK voltage is 400v 3phase 50hz
  • Manual or powered slew is you would like the jib crane to rotate manually or electrically.
  • Hoist specifications such as single or dual speed, push or electric travel, chain containers and other custom specifications.
  • Demag jib cranes are designed for easy installation, we can even install your jib crane for a rock bottom fee.

To purchase or enquire about our jib crane systems manufactured by Demag please contact our sales office.

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Innovative technology has enabled Demag to create an innovative product; the Demag KBK Jib Crane.

Featuring a unique alternative to standard I-beam jib cranes, the KBK jib crane provides the user with a smooth efficient working experience. The jib crane features high quality bearings creating low running resistance on a trolley that is integrated into a light-weight jib arm, when used in combination with a Demag electric chain hoist it can permit up to a 40% increase in working efficiency allowing your production line to run faster.

If maximum efficiency is required, the KBK jib crane from Demag is the solution.

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