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Pfaff Silberblau Pallet Trucks are designed with durability in mind, Pfaff understand that when their Pallet Trucks are used in industrial environments, sometimes the need will arise to change worn or damaged parts. For this we can offer the full range of Pfaff Silberblau Pallet Truck Spares and Spare Parts.

Our sales team can issue full exploded diagrams of your pallet truck to help identify and replace any parts that are required to get your Pfaff Pallet Truck back in to good working order. Nearly all Pallet Truck spare parts are held in stock in the UK and can be shipped overnight to your location.

The most common spare parts purchased for Pfaff Hand Pallet Trucks are:

Seal Kits
Pump Handles
Front & Rear Wheels
Screws, bearings and fixings
However we can offer every single component of the Pfaff Pallet Truck, talk to our friendly sales team today for more information.

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