Eye Bolts & Screw Type Lifting Points

Eye Bolts & Screw Type Lifting Points


An Eyebolt – often referred to as a Load Ring – is a type of fastener that features a threaded shaft with a loop or ‘eye’ at the one end, and are most commonly used for lifting or securing loads.

The eye is typically used for attaching a hook, rope, or other suitable pieces of hardware, while the threaded end of the lifting point is screwed into a structure or object, creating a secure anchor point.

Eye Bolts and other variants of Screw-type lifting points are often made from materials such as steel or stainless steel, ensuring optimal strength and durability, even in the most demanding environments. 


When choosing the right eyebolt or screw-types lifting point, it is vital to carefully consider the safe load capacity and application of the eye bolt to ensure safe and proper functionality.

Different types of lifting points are available for specific purposes, such as should eyebolts, machinery eyebolts, or forged eyebolts, each has been designed with specific features to meet a particular set of requirements. 

As always, if you’re unsure, please contact our fully trained sales team for guidance.


When it comes to securing heavy loads, Eyebolts and Screw Type Bolted Lifting Points are a favoured choice in many industries. Our selection covers a wide spectrum of metric and imperial, high-tensile, and stainless steel configurations, ensuring we cater to every need and application. Our portfolio encompasses an extensive range of Lifting Eyes of various shapes and sizes, including DIN Standard Eye Bolts, Collared BS4278 Standard Eyebolts, Long Shank, Dynamo models, and those with built-in Oval Links for specialist applications.

We understand that every operation demands different lifting capacities, which is why we offer Lifting Eyes ranging from 95kg to an impressive 200,000kg (200 tonnes). This selection caters to the smallest tasks to the most challenging heavy-duty operations. We also recognise the importance of versatility, hence our offering includes swivelling and non-swiveling variants.

Also known in the industry as Hoisting Eyes or Load Rings, our Eye Bolts and Screw Type Lifting Points are sourced from the world's leading manufacturers. Our trusted partners include industry giants such as RUD, Cartec, Yoke, and Pewag, reinforcing our commitment to quality and reliability.


At Lifting Equipment Store, we’re delighted to have access to a vast assortment of these types of critical lifting components, all available for purchase online, boasting rapid dispatch to assist you in keeping your operations running smoothly and on-time.

Understanding the technicalities of lifting equipment can be a complex task, and choosing the right component is crucial. But our fully trained sales team is on hand and ready to assist you. If you’re uncertain which Eyebolt or Lifting Point suits your needs, or if you’d like to learn more about our expansive range, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are always ready to guide you towards the best lifting solution to fix your problems and improve safety and productivity in your operations.

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