Individual Safety Harness

Individual Safety Harness


A safety harness is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that has been designed to protect users from injury or falls when working at heights – or any other situations where falling is of significant risk.

Commonly used in industries such as construction, telecommunications, forestry, window cleaning, as well as recreational activities such as rock climbing, a safety harness is the first port of call to ensure your safety when operating at height.

Safety Harnesses are an essential tool in protecting the workforce in situations where falls are at height risk. Their proper use, combined with comprehensive safety measures without doubt contributes to improved safety and well-being when working at height.


Safety harnesses are typically made of straps and webbing, that’s been constructed from durable materials like nylon and polyester. These materials provide the require strength and durability to withstand the forces of falling. These straps are adjustable to ensure proper fitting for their users, with adjustability seen as crucial for comfort and maintaining its effectiveness.


Typical attachment points of a safety harness are D-rings or D connectors. These are the connection points for lanyards and lifelines. They are strategically located on the harness to evenly distribute the forces during a fall, reducing impact.


The majority of safety harnesses are equipped with buckles or other types of fasteners that allow for easy and secure donning and doffing. Buckles on a safety harness have been designed and thoroughly tested to stay securely and properly fastened during use.


Often safety harnesses are built with a full-body profile. This means that they provide complete support and protection for both the upper and lower body, spreading the forces of impact across the entire body.


All safety harnesses should comply with the latest industry regulations and standards to ensure effectiveness and reliability. Please always check that your safety harness meets the required standards prior to undertaking any work at height.


It is essential to always wear a safety harness the way its been intended to be worn. Regular inspections are vital, as well as proper training on usage, and adherence to safety guidelines. Always, without fail, check your safety harness for signs of wear and tear prior to use. If any defects are spotted, under no circumstance should the safety harness be used.


Safety harnesses are a fundamental component of a fall protection system, with its importance lying in its ability to protect individuals from the risks associated with working from height.

In the event of a fall, a safety will help to distribute the impact forces across the users body, significantly reducing the risk of serious injury to the head, spine and extremities.

The introduction of safety harness contributes to the overall workplace safety in high-risk environments, reducing the number of accidents and injuries associated with falls. Furthermore, across most working at height scenarios, it’s a legal requirement to use a safety harness.

Safety harnesses also offer protection if suspended at height, providing a means of support until rescue can be conducted. Modern safety harnesses are designed to also prevent suspension trauma, allowing for correct blood circulation.

Additionally, safety harnesses can also protect damage to tools and other equipment via secure attachment to the individual. Essentially, this also avoids any risk of dropped objects posing threats to those below.


Safety harnesses should be used as part of a comprehensive safety training programme. These programmes should educate employees on the proper use, fitting, inspections, and maintenance of safety harnesses to ensure that workers of optimally equipped with the necessary knowledge to undertake tasks safely.

Employees should understand that their well-being is the top priority, therefore its essential that we all continue to build a safety-conscious culture within all workplaces.


Understanding how important maintaining your safety is, when Lifting Equipment Store supplies a Safety Harness, we never compromise on quality in order to reduce price – after all, this is your life we are protecting!

Thanks to our partnerships with the most respected marketed leaders in Height Safety Equipment, our range of Fall Arrest Harnesses are second-to-none, always delivering on quality, comfort, and performance. Our Body Harness offerings from the likes of Yale, Tractel, and Kratos are manufactured to the highest standards and are all shipped with Certificates of Conformity attesting to their level of safety and quality.

Take a few moments to browse the huge variety of options we have available, a top selection that you will struggle to find elsewhere, including Specialist Safety Harnesses designed for rescue operations. We also have Harnesses For Women, Full Body Harnesses, and your standard Single Point Fastening Harnesses.

If you cannot find the right Height Safety Harness that you are looking for, please contact our friendly Sales Team, who are always on hand to help you make the right decisions – your safety means everything to us.

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