Pallet Trucks

Arguably the most common piece of equipment found in a warehouse, pallet trucks facilitate the movement of goods with ease. Our range of Pallet Hanlding Jacks are fitted with the best hydraulic systems to ensure easy lifting, incorportaed with safe and secure lowering.

Pallet Trucks


A pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack or pump truck, is a tool used to lift and move pallets and the heavy contents on top of them. A pallet truck makes use of a set of wheels, and forks, that can easily slide under a pallet, this fork can then be lifted off the ground by an operator pumping the handle. This allows the operator to move the pallet to its desired location.


Pallet trucks are used in multiple industries, as they are typically found in warehouses, distribution centres, and supermarkets, where the moving of pallets and palletised goods is frequently needed. Pallet trucks offer advantages across any industry where minimisation of manual labour can be beneficial.


Pallet trucks come in different sizes and varieties, each of which is designed to fulfil a specific purpose or for handling a different kind of load. Some examples include electric pallet trucks, hand-operated pallet trucks, and high lift pallet trucks, each of which offer their own unique benefit, and fulfil a unique requirement. Different industries or workplaces may opt for a different type of pallet truck depending on their individual needs from efficiency, safety, and adaptability perspectives.


Our range of Pallet Handling Jacks are fitted with high-quality hydraulic systems to ensure easy lifting, incorporated with safe and securing lowering. Pallet moving apparatus and Electric Stackers are ideal for lifting and moving material loads and wooden/plastic pallets one from area to another, without the need for strenuous manual labour. Our extensive range features models for all types of applications such as:

  1. Printer Moving Pallet Trucks
  2. Long Fork Pump Trucks
  3. Heavy Lifting up to 5Tons
  4. Weighing Scale Handling Trucks
  5. Low Profile
  6. Galvanized
  7. Stainless Steel Pump Trucks
    With ex-stock availability on most of our pallet truck products, if you order today, your pallet truck could be delivered tomorrow!

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Lifting Equipment Store is a specialist supplier of Pallet Trucks, Pump Trucks, and Electric Pallet Truck products, offering a range of manual and electric solutions to suit a wide range of your material handling requirements.

Pallet Truck are designed to easily facilities the handling of palletised goods and loads around any factory or warehouse space. Often utilised in delivery vans and lorries to help manage cargo safely, or make curbside drop-off a reality (when combined with a regulated tail lift), a typical pallet truck feature 2 rear and 2 front wheels providing total stability and manoeuvrability.

In the majority of blueprints, the handle controls the steering and operation of the jack, with the lever selecting 'lift, neutral, or lower' functionality. But in some cases, many Pallet Trucks feature a second lever offering a parking brake to reduce the risk of loads accidentally rolling away.

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