Load Weighing Equipment

Load weighing equipment plays are crucial role in ensuring safety, compliance with weight limits, and the efficient handling of heavy loads. Our comprehensive range of solutions serve different purposes, each used to varying extents in a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, loisitics, and transportation.

Load Weighing Equipment


Load weighing equipment, as the name suggests, is used to get an accurate reading of the weight of a specific weight of a load in various industrial and commercial settings. Also known as load weighing systems, load weighing equipment is a large umbrella term that encompasses a vast range of different tools. The most commonly used, and sought after, tools are attachments for cranes - but scales, cells, and test weights are equally important.

Load weighing equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, compliance with weight limits, and efficient handling of heavy loads in diverse industries. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that loads are within safe handling capacities and for monitoring and controlling weight for commercial transactions.


There are several types of load cells that are used as a part of load weighing equipment, each having its own benefits and specific capabilities that should be factored in when deciding on which is best for the application at hand.

  • The S type, or S Beam load cell, named after its S shape, contains a number of internal springs that are used to measure the weight of a load, either by suspending it from the cell or by placing it atop the cell to directly compress the springs.
  • The Single point Cell, due to it’s single point axis, allows for some flexibility with the shape and direction of the load, whereas other load cells would result in an error or failed reading. This means that single point cells can accommodate off centre loading.
  • Compression, or canister, load cells typically have the largest weight bearing capacity, which means that they can be used for measuring loads that other load cells can’t.  

These types of load cells serve different purposes and are each used to varying extents in a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and transportation. Each type is designed to meet specific weighing requirements and environmental conditions.

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Our range of Load Weighing Equipment comes in a wide variety of options including Crane Scales and Load Cells - all from the brands that you know and love such as Yale, Tractel, Straightpoint, and Red Rooster.

There are some scenarios that require you to understand the exact weight of your load. For example, if you need to suspend a load from an overhead beam at a stage show, that beam will have its own Safe Working Limit - a limit that cannot be exceeded for obvious safety issues. In these cases, Load Weighing Equipment is essential.

In addition, we also offer the best Wireless Load Monitor and Load Links available on the market, perfect for situations that require continuous weight monitoring whilst in situ. This range of radio-controlled and wireless crane scales and load cell shackles are readily available in capacities up to 1000 Tonnes, all of which can be complimented with a range of receivers, allowing you to safely and clearly display your readings.

All of our Load Measuring Equipment has been expertly calibrated to ensure that all of your data is as accurate as can be, giving you total peace of mind and maintaining optimal safety.

High-quality Test Weights are also available.

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