Jib Cranes

Choosing the right Jib Crane to suit your requirements can be a daunting task, that's why we have made the selection process as easy as possible for you. Our range of swing arm cranes have been designed to offer optimal productivity and effiency, while minimising downtime and maximising output.

Jib Cranes


This extensive guide has been designed specifically to help you understand the basics of lightweight Jib Crane Systems, including their components, types, and what you must consider before making a purchase.


Let’s start with highlighting the important components of a swing arm crane, and what job each component is specifically designed to undertake throughout its structure.


The horizontal beam or arm that extends from the mast. It is the main structural element that supports the lifting mechanism (hoist).


The vertical support structure that holds the jib arm in place. It can be floor- or wall-mounted, depending on the specific design and application required.


A mechanism that allows the jib arm to rotate or pivot horizontally. This enables the crane to cover a larger area without the need to relocate the entire crane system.


The equipment used to lift and lower the load. It is attached to the jib arm and can be operated manually or powered by electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems.


 In some designs, a trolley may be present on the jib arm to move the hoist horizontally along the length of the arm, providing additional flexibility in load placement.


Here are the most important things that you should consider prior to purchasing a Swing/Jib Arm Crane system. Correct selection of these is essential as they are determined by the space available.


The 'Safe Working Load' (maximum lifting capacity).


This is the measurement from the floor to the underside of the Jib Arm (Boom). This is measured in meters and is always required to quote.


This is the length of the jib arm that the hoist runs along. This is also measured in metres and is necessary for all quotations.


This is how far you wish for your system to rotate, for example, 180 degrees or 270 degrees.


This is really the initial question, the biggest question if you like. You need to decide if your system is to be mounted on a floor-standing pillar or mounted on a secure wall. And will it need to be a low-headroom or regular headroom variation?


Electric or Manual Chain Hoists can be used with basic jib cranes, with Wire Rope Hoists better suited for larger models.

Your hoist can be suspended in a number of ways:

  • Push Travel Suspension: This is where the hoist is physically pushed or pulled along the arm
  • Geared Travel Suspension: The hoist is moved along the arm by pulling a hand chain to turn the wheels of the trolley
  • Electric Travel Suspension: The hoist travels along the boom electronically, controlled via a low-voltage pendant control or wireless remote unit.


As you know by now, here at Lifting Equipment Store, we love you offer you choices. And our extensive selection of Rotating Arm Cranes is the perfect example. So let’s take a look at what we have to offer.


Often referred to as Cantilever or Slewing Arm Cranes, Free-Standing Jibs are bolted into the ground and feature a horizontal arm that is supported at one end. They are available in both under- and over-braced variants with arms reaching up to 6m in length and working load capacities stretching to 1000kg (1 tonne).


Wall, or Bracket, Cranes are fixed to a solid vertical structure, removing the need for a pillar to attach to.  These are available in over-braced and under-braced i-beam styles, and are capable of holding weights of up to 1000kg. Similar to Free-Standing and Clamp-Around, arm lengths up to 6m are available.


Pillar Jib Arm Cranes are mounted to an already existing vertical pillar or mast, allowing you to utilise your workspace to its optimum. Available in capacities up to 1 tonne, again, arm lengths of up to 6m are available.


We offer a wide range of specialist jib crane options, including our Free-standing, Clamp-Around, and Wall-mounted options available in hot-dip galvanised and stainless steel finishes. Capacities and arm length available mirror those of the classic powder-coated (yellow) versions.


We also offer a range of Portable Davit Cranes and accessories that are just as suitable for lifting and lowering loads as a traditional jib, with the added flexibility of being able to reposition wherever you have installed a selected base.


Positioned just above the ceiling, Van Cranes can be used for lifting loads of up to half a tonne (model dependant) and are electronically controlled to extend outside of the van to a desired length of up to 1150mm.


At the heart of our offerings are standard Jib Crane Systems, with a safe working load of up to 5000kg (5 tonnes). This capacity can handle a broad spectrum of lifting tasks, from transporting heavy equipment to manoeuvring delicate components. Yet, our service  extends beyond standard solutions.

Understanding that each operation has unique demands, we offer custom-built systems tailored to accommodate larger capacities, ensuring that we meet your needs without compromise.

Alternatively known as Swing Jibs or Swing Arm Cranes, jib systems from LES® come with the assurance of quality and safety, demonstrated by the Certificates of Conformity provided with each unit, Even so, we strongly advocate for additional safety measures in the form of testing by a certified lifting equipment inspector post-installation. The safety and well-being of your team is of utmost importance, and LES can provide this essential service to help safeguard you operations.

Our nationwide team of engineers is a collective of skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field of lifting equipment. Their role extends beyond merely installing you crane system. They’ll thoroughly test and certify your jib, providing you with confidence in the equipment’s operational safety and integrity. 

This comprehensive service ensures that your business can proceed with optimal productivity and efficiency, minimising downtime and maximising output.


As you can see there are many considerations when choosing your Jib assembly. Our Sales Team understands that it can be a daunting task, but they are on hand to ensure that you choose the correct system to suit your requirements. Why not give us a call or fill in our Online Enquiry Form to discuss with our team. They are eagerly awaiting your call.

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Jib Cranes, synonymous with power, efficiency, and versatility, have established themselves as an integral part of factory production lines and other light-duty lifting applications across the globe.

Their durability and reliability are hard to rival, making them a worthy investment for any business requiring effective lifting solutions.

Also referred to as Swing Arm Cranes, Jibs come in a wide variety of configurations and are suitable for an extensive range of lifting applications such as loading/unloading materials, assembly line work, and maintenance tasks. Furthermore, their compact profile make them valuable in environments where space is limited.

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