Eye Nuts

Eye Nuts


An Eyenut (Eye Nut) is a type of fastener that is specifically designed for applications where the thread is already present. Featuring a loop or ‘eye’ at one end and a threaded section at the other, the eye allows for the attachment of cables or ropes, while the threaded end can be screwed onto a pre-existing bolt.

Designed to fit onto a bolt to provide a means of creating a secure attachment point, the eye portion can often vary in design, from simple round eyes to a more complex forged eye with additional reinforcement for increased strength.

Eye Nuts are typically manufactured from materials like steel or stainless steel, which are renowned for their strength and durability.

Similar to other lifting hardware, the capacity of an eye nut should be considered based on its usage, and should only be used according to industry standards and guidelines. Furthermore, they should undergo regular inspection to ensure that they are in good condition prior to any lifting scenarios.

Proper installation, maintenance, and adherence to safety regulations are vital when using eye nuts for lifting purposes.


A useful option to have on-hand for applications where a thread is already present, Lifting Equipment Store supply an extensive range of Eye Nuts to suit all scenarios.

From the likes of world-renowned manufacturers such as Crosby, Cartec, and Rud – plus much more – we are proud to offer models in stainless steel, self-colour, galvanised, and power-coated, covering every situation possible.

Whatever threaded solution you’re in the market for, bank your bottom dollar that Lifting Equipment Store has it.

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