Fall Arrest Blocks & Lanyards

Fall Arrest Blocks & Lanyards


We supply a wide range of Fall Arrest Blocks and Fall Arrest Lanyards which contain a form of shock absorbing technology designed to absorb most of the energy exerted by a fall and preventing any serious injury to the user.

Fall arrest lanyards are similar to a restraint lanyard in the sense that it is a lanyard that secures the harness to an anchor point, but with an added shock absorber. This shock absorber helps to break a fall once a certain amount of energy is detected. It contains a bundle of webbing which slows the decent of the person falling. It is easy to tell if a fall has occurred as the device will burst its casing and the additional webbing will be visible. Once a fall has been experienced the lanyard must be disposed of.

Fall arrest blocks are similar in the way they operate but come in much longer lengths to allow the wearer further freedom (most of the time) in the form of a 'cable block'. The fall arrest block can be secured to an anchor point while the other end secured by karabiner to the user’s harness. When a fall is detected, the block will carefully slow the decent of the user in order to reduce any injury as much as possible and absorb the energy created by the fall. Once a fall has been detected most blocks will require servicing at an authorised dealer such as Lifting Equipment Store.

Inertia reels also known as retractable lanyards are lightweight and compact. This fall arrester is designed to be used as a safe alternative to a shock absorbing lanyard.

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