Hand Operated Pump Pallet Trucks

Hand Operated Pump Pallet Trucks


Firstly ensuring the forks are lowered by squeezing on the operation lever will allow the forks to be slid under the open side of a pallet. Once fully inserted push the lever down to operate the lifting function. The operator should then raise the jack by operating the handle in an up and down pumping action (hence the name pump truck), this raises the load. Once the pallet has cleared the ground you can freewheel it around and reverse the lifting function to lower and repeat.

Our pallet trucks are designed with the user in mind. Quiet operation is achieved through the use of rubber rollers and precise adjustments to the load position can easily be made using the pressure control valve. We only choose the best manufacturers such as Pfaff Silberblau, Warrior, and our own brand LES, we always supply a premium product, and even our more economically priced trucks are of superior quality compared to the competition.

Need a Pallet Truck that will last? You are in the right place.


Our range of hand operated pallet trucks is second to none. Superior manufacture quality and designed to perform under intense operation.

Hand Pallet Trucks, otherwise known as Pallet Jacks and Pallet Forks provide a versatile and efficient non-powered solution for lifting and transporting palletised cargo around warehouses and factories. Pallet Trucks are often found on the back of lorries and vans to assist with managing and offloading palletised goods. As one of the most common tools used in logistics, Hand Pallet Trucks make light work of moving pallets from one place to another. Standard lifting capacities fall around 2500kg (2.5t) but we are able to offer heavy-duty models up to 5000kg (5.0t).

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