Hydraulic & Winch Hand Pallet Stackers

Hydraulic & Winch Hand Pallet Stackers


Hydraulic Pallet Stackers are operated by the user pumping a lever much like a pallet truck however in some cases instead of the forks being raised by a jack they are lifted using a link chain or in some cases a wire cable connected to a winch, often known as a winch stacker. Winch Stackers offer quicker raising and lowering of loads and also feature a brake to provide total control over the load and avoid accidental lowering.


Mini Stackers provide a great solution for the domestic or industrial lifting of lighter loads up to 150kg and make perfect companions for delivery drivers and recipients moving heavy loads and small pallets to and from vans and trucks.


Hydraulic and Manual (winch type) Hand Pallet Stackers are ideal for raising and lowering loads up to 5000kg (5 tonne).

Most stackers are complete with forks and act in a similar way to forklifts, others feature load rated tables for positioning. Frequently utilised for lifting pallets, we also offer our 'straddle' leg models to enable picking of pallets right off the floor, stackers can also be used to lift other loads and we supply a variety of attachments from booms to cradles and lifting points.

All of our Hand Pallet Stackers are complete with smooth steerable rolling wheels and high-quality seal kits providing optimal performance in hydraulic models whereas heavy-duty industrial winches and steel cable are utilised in all of our winch type pallet stackers. Manufactured with durability and ease of use in mind. Some units feature brakes for safe parking and can lift up to 2850mm (larger on request).

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