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At LES, we always put your health and safety first when supplying and manufactuing the lifting and load moving equipment that you use. To ensure optimal performance and safety, we have hand-selected a range of high-quality machine and load moving skates, designed to drive excellent results every time.

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They are wheeled carts used to lift and move large, heavy machinery. You can get different versions of this item with one example being the hydraulic lifting system which eliminates physical effort when raising very heavy equipment off the floor. The great thing about this heavy-moving piece of equipment is that it only requires one operator. Additionally, it can be operated with ease ensuring a safe lifting procedure for you and the team.

You can expect to find them being used in factories, warehouses, and other construction site environments, however, due to the piece of equipment being versatile in what it can move, you can expect to find it used in various businesses across a number of different industries.


You can simply slide the toe of the transportation unit under each end and make sure your load is secure via 5m ratchet straps which then ensure the piece of equipment you are lifting is secure. For the next step, you're going to lift both sides to allow all four wheels to touch the floor before pushing the items in your desired direction.

You can use this heavy-moving solution for irregularly shaped loads as well giving you the versatility you need when you deal with odd-shaped items. Please always make sure that when you're using them to move your goods that it's the right weight capacity and it's on a clear floor so you avoid injury and any damage to yours or your customer's goods.

Using the hydraulic lifting system that is sold at LES as an example, this product is one that requires less physical effort to operate than machinery and equipment movers as it has an innovative mechanical lifting system. This results in less stress being put on you or the operator's body. If we take a look at the example products below you can see they vary in capacity to suit your particular business needs.


  • 2700kg Lifting Capacity
  • Non-marking wheels
  • Heavy-duty design
  • 160mm lifting height


  • 3600kg Lifting Capacity
  • Non-marking wheels
  • Heavy-duty design
  • 160mm lifting height

You can use the hydraulic versions discussed above to lift loads of various goods that include, but not limited to:

  1. Switchgear
  2. Cupboards
  3. Safes
  4. Containers
  5. Machinery
  6. Crates and more


When you're lifting equipment, it will always require that you and your team take a level of safety to ensure a safe lifting and moving procedure. The team at LES always put your health and safety first when supplying and manufacturing lifting equipment for you to use. That's why below you can get suggested insight into how to use the equipment to avoid any personal, goods, or property damage.

This moving solution is designed to take the heavy lifting out of moving objects like these, so it is less strain for the operator and helps ensures a safe and easy transportation method for the operator. When you're transporting heavy loads, you can use machine moving jacks and ratchet straps which allow for the lifting process to be safe and secure. There are a number of key reasons why industries purchase machine movers which include the fact that they make the lifting process safer with minimal risk to the people operating them. As long as you use a mover with the right capacity stated each product variation, you can expect to not experience any problems and have the tools you need to lift safely and efficiently.

The main reason businesses across various industries purchase one of these is because they make the lifting process safer with minimal risk to the people operating them. As long as you use a mover with the right capacity stated on our website, you will have the tools you need to lift more safely. 


So you might now be thinking, "ok, sounds good, I could do with one for those type of projects we get.". However, you might still be a little unsure, or it's not clear, on what the key advantages are to having this heavy-moving solution in your equipment armoury.

Here's a quick overview of the advantages you can expect to get from this piece of equipment.

  • They make the moving process easy and more efficient for you and your team
  • You do not have to put stress on your body to move the load
  • Capable of coping with larger weights
  • The hydraulic lift makes loads incredibly easy to move for you
  • Ideal for professional usage
  • Safe lifting option
  • It takes one person to operate

If you are in an industry that requires the moving and repositioning of heavy loads and machinery, then having one of these will likely be the suitable solution for your business.

You can always contact an experienced member of the LES team to see how this product can help your business do more or help you find a product that will fit your unique lifting and heavy-moving requirements.

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