200 x 50mm Ratchet Straps 5Tonne Bulk Special (LC 2500daN)

  • Pack of 200pcs 5 tonne ratchet straps
  • 2500daN Lashing capacity on the ratchet straps
  • 5000kg lashing capacity MBS
  • Ratchet straps go up to 15 meters in length
  • Claw hooks as standard
  • 50mm webbing width
  • Ratchet straps comply with EN12195
  • 3-meter length as standard on the ratchet straps
  • Heavy Duty Range 

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Special pack of 200pcs offers on ratchet straps. The Lashking 5 tonne ratchet strap is perfect to easily secure your bulky loads for transport or storage. Our range of 5000kg minimum breaking strength ratchet straps is ideal for use with heavy items that you need to anchor to the floor of a flatbed truck or inside a trailer. This range of heavy-duty ratchet straps has a minimum break strength of 5000kg. The soft polyester webbing of the ratchet strap is flexible giving it the ability to conform to the shape of the load. Each of these ratchet straps is 50mm wide and comes in a bright red colour. All our ratchet straps are measured from bearing point to bearing point. The ratchet straps come with claw hooks as standard. 


If you're not sure how to use ratchet straps, make sure you check out our article 'what are ratchet straps and how are they used?' to get a full breakdown on how you can use them effectively and with ease. 

Lashing Capacity: 2000daN

  • Pack of 200 ratchet straps
  • High quality
  • Ratchet straps are individually packaged
  • Each set of ratchet straps come complete with individual serial number
  • Includes CE declaration of conformity certificate

  • 5000daN minimum breaking strength
  • 2500daN lashing capacity