Domino Clamp Container Fixing Point

  • Recommended working load: 2000kg max.
  • Suitable for front and side use only
  • Manufactured from forged steel Grade EN3B
  • European Standard EN10083-1
  • 5:1 Safety Factor

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1 day
£138.00 £115.00

If you’re in the market for a unique product that allows you to attach almost anything, safely and securely, to a shipping container, then the Domino Clamp is right up your street.


A fine piece of British design and engineering, the Domino Clamp is drop-forged right here in the UK, from high-grade steel boasting impressive strength characteristics, capable of holding applications such as scaffolding, lighting, CCTV, signage, timber, cladding, stairs, fencing, gym equipment, trusses, and much more – up to an impressive 2,000kg. And what’s even more impressive is it’s only 2.4kg in weight.


Domino Clamps have been designed to last a lifetime, manufactured from the best materials, with a double protective finish allowing them to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Furthermore, they are reusable – simply unscrew and remove from one station, and refix at another.


Installation couldn’t be any simpler either, the Domino Clamp attaches to either of the side holes in the ISO corner castings, removing any risk or worry of damaging the container when attaching items to its exterior. Instead, simply bolt whatever you require directly to the Domino Clamp and then attach the Clamp to the container. Now there’s no need for drills, angle grinders, or welding units – just a metal plate with four threaded M12 holes and you can bolt anything to a shipping container, Yes, we mean anything. Hit the 'Video' Tab to see how you can install this innovative, unique, and structurally sound product in UNDER 1 MINUTE!

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