Hydraulic Drum Truck Trolley

  • Up to 250kg Capacity
  • Up to 270mm Max Drum Lift Height 
  • For use with Steel Drums 
  • Robust heavy duty design

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Our Hydraulic Drum Tuck Trolley is ideal for lifting and moving steel drum cylinders that are up to 250kg in weight, With its lightweight design of only 42kg, it is sure to make the moving of drum a breeze. Each trolley enables a single operator to pick up a barrel that is either full or empty with minimum effort, no strain and completely safe. The clamp mechanism is very easy to position and grabs the drum by its rim, this means that the operator does not need to maneuver or even touch the drum by hand. A touch-sensitive release valve lowers the drum safely back to the ground. 


  • Perfectly suited to transporting and lifting 210 litre drums
  • Safety First- Locking mechanism grips to the top of the drum securely and safely
  • Easy movement of drums due to the two large rollers and one rear steering caster wheel.
  • Two fixed wheels and one castor wheel fitted with a safety brake. 
  • For use with steel drums 
  • Self assembled
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