Push Travel Trolleys


Push Travel Trolleys are designed to suspend and transport a load along a beam by the use of the bottom flange and a set of rollers (or wheels) which enable horizontal traverse when pushed or pulled manually.

A simple fitting to an "I" beam makes Push Travel Trolleys a favorite method of suspension and travel for many, the following easy steps are the basics of how a Push Beam Trolley works:

  • Screw, clamp or bolt (depending on the type of trolley) the two side plates on to the bottom beam flange so that the wheels sit and roll along that flange. 
  • Clip your hoisting equipment in to place by fitting the hoist's top hook through the eye of the beam trolley bar.

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  2. George Taylor 'GT' Push Travel...

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  3. Yale HTP Standard Push Travel Trolley

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  4. Tiger Push Travel Trolley

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  5. William Hackett PT Push Trolley

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  6. Runway Beam End Stop (2Pair)

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  7. YALE CTP \'Integral\' Travel T...

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  8. William Hackett PT Corrosion Protected P...

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  9. William Hackett PT ATEX Push Trolley

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