Grade 10 Chain Slings (European)


Grade 10 Chain Slings and Lifting Chains provide users with a stronger overall construction offering working load limits up to 25% higher than that of a grade 8 equivalent. G10 Chains offer a lightweight solution which is often favoured for ease of use when it comes to larger slings.

Brands we can offer: Pewag (Winner G10), George Taylor 'GT', Kuplex, Crosby and Kito Weissenfels

The Pewag Winner G10 Chain system features a proven and trusted clevis connection to its components with chain sizes from 5 to 32mm diameter offering a working limit up to 40 Tonnes on a single fall. Complete with heavy-duty components designed for more intense applications. All Pewag Winner G10 assemblies are coated in a vivid bright orange colour, ideal for night lifts or where weather conditions are poor. 
Pewag's main goal after safety is customer satisfaction. Dating back to the 15th century making Pewag the oldest chain manufacturer in the world- we are confident that you will be very impressed with the quality and durability of the Austrian manufactured Winner G10 Chain Sling systems.

The George Taylor Kito Weissenfels Grade 10 Chain Sling range is a more aggressively priced system offering both quality and superb value for money overall. Alloy heat-treated steel chain is painted in a vivid blue finish while components are silver, helping users quickly identify Grade 10 Chains from Grade 8 as well as providing good viability in poor conditions. up to 40% lighter than the grade 8 equivalent providing superb ease of use, especially in higher capacities where chains are usually very heavy. Can be certified to ASTM A973, and meets the performance requirements of BS-EN 818-2, Working temperature range: -29°C to +205°C.

For more information on our huge range of Grade 10 Chain Slings and Lifting Chains please contact the sales team.

Grade 10 Chain Slings (European) RANGE

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  1. Grade 10 Chain Tag

    As low as £2.47 £2.06
  2. Grade 10 Spare Centre Pin & Bush

    As low as £3.38 £2.82
  3. Grade 10 Master Link

    As low as £6.53 £5.44
  4. Grade 10 Eye Grab Hook

    As low as £6.91 £5.76
  5. Grade 10 Spare Clevis Load & Retaini...

    As low as £7.48 £6.23
  6. Grade 10 Spare Safety Catch Kit

    As low as £7.99 £6.66
  7. Grade 10 Component Connector

    As low as £8.83 £7.36
  8. Grade 10 Clevis Grab Hook

    As low as £12.36 £10.30
  9. Grade 10 Spare Locking System

    As low as £12.79 £10.66
  10. Grade 10 Clevis Sling Hook with Safety C...

    As low as £14.39 £11.99
  11. Grade 10 Clevis C Hook

    As low as £20.28 £16.90
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