Grade 6 Stainless Steel Chain Slings


The Pewag G6+ Stainless Steel Chain Slings are the stainless steel version of Pewag's premium chains segment that is used for the lifting of loads. 

Pewag is the first manufacturer to offer a full Grade 6+ programme on which the mechanical values are based on a breaking tension of 630 N/mm. The complete product range offers lifting capacities ranging from 200 kg up to 12 tonnes on individual chain strands. 


  • The increase in capacity of approx. 25% compared to the same nominal diameter as G5 giving more lifting capacity with similar weight.
  • Eye hooks: higher lifting capacity than G5 with larger hook mouth and narrower passage on the hook body for a better fit in eyelets of lifting points etc.
  • Master links with wide openings compared to other classifications giving more flexibility when used in conjunction with large crane hooks.
  • General lifting capacity increase with the range expansion to 12 tonnes

Grade 6 Stainless Steel Chain Slings RANGE

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  1. BWI Transition Link

    As low as £8.80 £7.33
  2. AWI Stainless Steel Master Link

    As low as £14.77 £12.31
  3. VWI Master Link Assembly

    As low as £52.19 £43.49
  4. CWI Connex Connecting Link

    As low as £61.44 £51.20
  5. VAWI Quad Master Link Assembly For Wire ...

    As low as £96.80 £80.67
  6. Grade 6 Stainless Steel Rotating Eyebolt

    As low as £104.33 £86.94
  7. Cromox Grade 6 Stainless Steel Pump Lift...

    As low as £182.76 £152.30
  8. Pewag Grade 6 1 Leg 5mm Stainless Steel ...

    As low as £250.26 £208.55
  9. Pewag Grade 6 1 Leg 7mm Stainless Steel ...

    As low as £330.07 £275.06
  10. Pewag Grade 6 1 Leg 8mm Stainless Steel ...

    As low as £383.74 £319.78
  11. Pewag Grade 6 2 Leg 5mm Stainless Steel ...

    As low as £496.60 £413.83
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