Single Leg Wire Rope Slings

Single Leg Wire Rope Slings - ideal for lifting and rigging

Offering capacities up to 3,2 Tonnes, as well as providing prices on application for larger capacities, all of our wire rope slings are proudly manufactured in the UK and can be customised online to your requirements. 

  • Soft eyes each end
  • Reinforced thimble eyes each end
  • Master link one end, sling hooks with safety ccatches on the other
  • Safety Standard: EN13414-1:2003

Any of our one leg Wire Rope Slings can be fitted with the following terminations

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Single Leg Wire Rope Slings RANGE

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  1. Single Leg 6mm Wire Rope Sling 0.4 Tonne

    As low as £19.00 £15.83
  2. Single Leg 5mm Wire Rope Sling 0.3 Tonne

    As low as £19.00 £15.83
  3. Single Leg 8mm Wire Rope Sling 0.8 Tonne...

    As low as £22.00 £18.33
  4. Single Leg 9mm Wire Rope Sling 1.0 Tonne

    As low as £23.00 £19.17
  5. Single Leg 10mm Wire Rope Sling 1.2 Tonn...

    As low as £31.00 £25.83
  6. Single Leg 11mm Wire Rope Sling 1.6 Tonn...

    As low as £33.00 £27.50
  7. Single Leg 12mm Wire Rope Sling 1.8 Tonn...

    As low as £37.00 £30.83
  8. Single Leg 13mm Wire Rope Sling 2.1 Tonn...

    As low as £40.00 £33.33
  9. Single Leg 14mm Wire Rope Sling 2.5 Tonn...

    As low as £47.00 £39.17
  10. Single Leg 16mm Wire Rope Sling 3.2 Tonn...

    As low as £51.00 £42.50
  11. Single Leg 18mm Wire Rope Sling 4.1 Tonn...

    As low as £74.00 £61.67
  12. Single Leg 19mm Wire Rope Sling 4.6 Tonn...

    As low as £79.00 £65.83
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