Imer Scaffold Hoist Accessories


Imer scaffold hoists are the premier choice for builders hoists, favored by the rental industry for their reliable reputation and impeccable spare parts availability.

All of our Imer hoists are complete with a minimum of 25m wire rope length however more or less can be specified when ordering.

There are a number of ways to suspend your scaffold hoist, Via the included scaffold clips or in a range of alternative methods such as additional window props or gantry systems which can be purchased separately or as a package, please contact our sales department for more information on Imer scaffold and builders hoists.

Imer Scaffold Hoist Accessories RANGE

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  1. Wheel Barrow Chains 250kg

    £102.00 £85.00
  2. Imer Bucket Carriers

    As low as £141.12 £117.60
  3. Imer ES150 Scaffold Clips

    £156.00 £130.00
  4. Imer Tipping Bucket

    As low as £220.63 £183.86
  5. Imer Gantry Trolley

    £232.96 £194.13
  6. Imer Hoist Barrow 200kg

    £234.08 £195.07
  7. Scaffold Hoist Brick Basket 200kg

    £321.60 £268.00
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