LoadGuard BGV C1 Standard Rigging Motors/ Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists/Rigging Motors to BGV C1 German Safety Standard.
This is the standard for hoists carrying loads above people without a secondary suspension system (such as a sling).

Estimated Lead Time to Dispatch

2-3 Days
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Rigging hoists manufactured to this standard are throughly tested and approved by TUV offices throughout Germany as well as the relevant certification being issued before dispatch. Every BGV C1 system must be approved by an on site theatrical engineer.

Specially designed control systems monitor the special features in breach such as overload, emergency limit contact or slack chain, the whole system shuts down. Control systems can operate manually via low voltage pendants or via a more complex computer system with variable or single speed hoisting using encoders that monitor the hoists position.

Load cells are built into the hoist suspension eye or hook, used to monitor load weights.

When people are below hoists to BGV C1 allow the following:

  • Assembly/Disassembly in set up
  • Holding static loads in a fixed position
  • Staging processes involving movement.


BGV C1 Hoists are adapted to have the following features:

  • Four position limit switches & Emergency limit switches
  • Double Braking system (two separate brakes with a direct phase to one brake)
  • Automatic shutoff at 120% of rated load using a loadcell to prevent overload
  • Automatic underload monitoring with the use of a loadcell
  • 10:1 Safety Factor