Stainless Steel Swivel Eye & Jaw

  • Marine grade
  • 360° function
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 6mm - 19mm 

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Produced from high-grade stainless steel this swivel can be found aboard vessels, sitting port side or in the harbour. Corrosion-resistant makes this item incredibly long-lasting and hard-wearing against the harshest of conditions sea-side. 

With a 360 degree functionality, the stainless steel swivel eye and jaw reduces all risk or possibility of twisting either rope or chain, a great feature aboard the boat as the slightest twist in a rope or chain can cost time, money and in unforeseen circumstances can be fatal in a time-critical scenario. So this small feature is a must-have making this product a strong favourite throughout the marine industry. Alongside its swivelling function this item can be easily attached or removed from that chain or rope using the pin situated at the jaw end of the swivel, to remove is simple but can only be done manually reducing any risk of unwanted openings or removal. To open simple unscrew the threaded pin and slide it out of the jaw, then place either the link of chain or eye of the rope and slot the pin through and screw back into the threaded section. 


Swivel functionality

Minimal risk of unfastening

No twisting of chain or rope with this product

AISI 316

Diameter L W H M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
6mm 64mm 12mm 12mm 9.2 SSSEJ06
8mm 88mm 16mm 16mm 16.3 SSSEJ08
10mm 113mm 20mm 22mm 25.4 SSSEJ10
13mm 152mm 26mm 28mm 36.6 SSSEJ13
16mm 188mm 32mm 37mm 65.1 SSSEJ16
19mm 229mm 38mm 44mm 101.7 SSSEJ19