Steerman RPB Roller Pinch Bars

  • Steerman Roller Pinch Bars
  • Capacity 1500 - 5000kg
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

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The Steerman roller pinch bars are designed and manufactured to be an ideal companion to the professional load mover. Providing a solution to 'wedge' open gaps or slightly lift a load at the edge to allow for a Toe Jack to be inserted.

The design is both lightweight and compact and the unit could not be any easier to use and transport as a direct result of its flawless design. The RPB units have been expertly engineered with an exceptional low toe height meaning they are able to get into the smallest of gaps!!

Two models are available:

(i) RPB15: With a lift capacity of 1500kg
(ii) RPB50: With a lift capacity of 5000kg

Model Capacity Lift Height L x W Roller Weight
RPB15 1500kg 145mm 2150x400mm 75x55mm 16.5kg
RPB50 5000kg 145mm 2150x400mm 70x54mm 32.0kg