Tractel RLX (11mm Rope)

  • Tractel RLX 11mm diameter rope.
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest quality by Tractel and brought to you with a Best Price Guarantee by Lifting Equipment Store.

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The Tractel RLX (11mm Rope) is an 11mm in diameter 3 strand Polyamide fibre rope that is specially designed for fall arrest ropes or for use in lanyards. The RLX comes in a wide range of length and caters for most height safety operations. 


Norm:                                                         DIRECTIVE CE89/686EN1891
Diameter:                                                   11mm
Load breaking:                                           3000kg
Load breaking with 8knot:                          2050kg
Load breaking with sewing extremity:        2400kg
Fall number coefficient 1 with 100kg:         20
Impact force coefficient 3:                           5.1kN
Impact force coefficient 1:                          10.2kN
Elongation 50/100kg:                                  2.8%
Slip Girdle:                                                  0.8%
Weight per meter:                                       0.73kg
Girdle proportion:                                        36%
Weather retraction:                                     4%
Material:                                                      Polyamide