Tractel StopforTM K

  • Suitable for 10-12mm rope
  • Automatic fall prevention device designed and patented by Tractel.
  • Manufactured from anodised aluminium

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The STOPFOR K is a sliding fall arrester (which can also be used as a new-generation lanyard tensioner-reducer). When used as a fall arrester, it can be used with 10.5 to 12.5mm diameter low-stretch rope. The Stopfor K is a new fall arrest concept. Unlike fall arresters implementing a jaw as a locking system, the Stopfor K eliminates the risk of mechanical blocking. Blocking is ensured by the body when an abrupt change of position occurs. For this reason, the unit is more ergonomic and compact than its competitors and slides easier on the rope with no excessive locking.

By its unique design, the user can adjust his position with one hand, even if the device is tensioned. The unit can be opened to allow the user to perform maintenance on the product with no need to disassemble the tensioner.

The STOPFOR K fall arrester is made of aluminium. This lightweight, robust, ergonomic and compact device connects to all the fall arrest anchoring points on the harness. It can be connected to the latter using a type M10 connector or using a small 20 cm lanyard. The rope is easy and fast to set up. To do so, the user removes the connector, swivels the two side plates and positions the rope. To close the unit, the user simply pivots at the two side plates in the opposite direction and reinstalls the connector which acts as a safety lock.

- StopforTM K with M10 18mm opening two-tone steel manual screw locking
- StopforTM K with M41 & Strap 21mm opening two-tone steel double trigger auto locking
- StopforTM K with M42 & Strap M42 18mm Opening aluminium double trigger auto locking