28 Jun 2024


When it comes to finding the best lifting gear in the UK, you find that many different solutions are available to you on our website, and our items are supplied from leading manufacturers like Yale, Pfaff Silberblau, Camlok, Raptor, Ableforge, GIS, Donati, Stahl, Tractel and many more.
We know that having the finest quality and condition of material handling equipment is going to make all kinds of heavy loading and movement far easier; when you use the power of technology, even the most brutal of obstacles can become relatively easy to move! At Lifting Equipment Store, we provide a service with more than three decades of passion, knowledge and experience within the lifting industry. We’ve worked with large crane companies across the UK, ensuring that our clients can get the kind of quality service that they need.

UK Lifting Gear and Material Handling Equipment from Major Brands

We keep a well-stocked inventory of the best quality of lifting gear in the UK such as lifting slings, lifting shackles, lifting clamps and magnets, whilst ensuring they are always sold at the fairest prices possible to make sure that you’re able to get a fine balance between value and quality. Our services cover more than just selling you the robust equipment that you need; if you require any help or advice we will be more than happy to offer advice and suggestions, making sure you can get the kind of help that you need. Whether it’s a bulk purchase or just some advice you require, get in touch with us for more information on the finest material handling equipment available.


We’ll make sure that you spend less time trying to get things working efficiently, and we provide that perfect equilibrium between a good deal and a long-term piece of lifting equipment. We provide you with tools such as:
Electric Chain Hoists - These come in capacities from 125-20,000kg. With our help you can get the product installed and managed effectively, ensuring that it’s ready to do the job and that it can be relied upon to give you efficiency and safety in equal measure. We have hoists that can be used for just about anything, so whatever you need hoists for we can deliver you a set that are easy to use and reliable for even the most demanding of tasks
Scaffolding Hoists - These are another key part of the lifting industry, and we have various types that you can put to good use right away. Capable of lifting up to 800kg with relative ease, our selection of scaffolding hoists can be the perfect solution that you need when trying to find the perfect lifting gear. We’ll give you all of the necessary supports, too, to ensure that you can all stay safe and sound on the job
Plate Clamps – Another popular choice, these can give you the kind of proficient handling that you need, thanks to the massive quantity and variety of plate clamps that Lifting Equipment Store can provide. We can even have bespoke designs made up for you if you need something incredibly precise and distinct. For those who need to save some money, we can fix this problem for you by offering you access to our impressive and durable value ranges.
For all of your lifting gear needs, contact Lifting Equipment Store using our live support service, or phone us directly on 01384 567430 for all the help that you could possibly need.


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