Camac 200kg Vertical Ladder Hoist

  • Safe Working Load: 200kg
  • Supply Voltage: 110v / 220v
  • Height of Lift options: 2.7m / 15.3m / 25.8m / 30m / 40.5m
  • Vertical version
  • ISO 9001 certified

Estimated Lead Time to Dispatch

3-4 Weeks
In stock

If you’re in the market for a reliable and efficient alternative to a scaffold hoist, then CAMAC’s signature Ladder Hoist is just what you’ve been searching for.



We’re guessing the first question that’s popped into your mind is…. Why CAMAC? Well, let us tell you. CAMAC has a long-standing history in manufacturing high-quality and reliable construction equipment, particularly, mast climbing work platforms, dating back more than 50 years. It’s today a name synonymous with excellence and boasts a strong presence across the globe.

All CAMAC products are designed and manufactured in accordance with European Union regulations, under the ISO 9001 quality system, so when purchasing CAMAC, you can rest assured that you're investing in the best, most compliant products on the market. In addition, the Spanish company continues to constantly reinvest in research and development, enabling them to create exceptional lifting apparatus such as this Ladder Hoist.


Ladder Hoist 

Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, this Vertical Ladder Hoist is capable of easily and safely transporting loads of up to 200kg, without any problems.

Designed specially to lift those important building materials onto roofs, low building, and refurbishing works, this Ladder Hoist eliminates the worry of swaying, when compared to a traditional scaffold hoist, courtesy of its thoroughly designed, sturdy, and robust blueprint.

Coming complete with a standard cage, to help you transport your chosen goods and equipment, there are several versions available. Prior to purchase, you can select (from the dropdown menu’s to the right) either a 2.7m, 15.3m, 25.8m, 30m or 40.5m height of lift, as well as choosing your preferred supply voltage, either 110v or 220v - the choice is in your hands.

Extremely light and super-fast to assemble, CAMAC’s Ladder Hoist delivers true quality, durability, and high levels of safety – it’s an LES-recommended product that we guarantee delivers great value for money.

What’s included in my order?

Included in your order will be a driving unit, trolley with brake, length of steel cable, aluminium sections (size dependant on HOL selected), an articulated section, a folding cage (643 x 800 x 725mm), intermediate support, and an end section with pulley.

In addition, we are offering the chance to introduce a specialist platform, designed specifically for lifting solar panels, at an additional cost. To add this to your order, please select ‘Yes’ from the dropdown menu.

At Lifting Equipment Store, we have undertaken training from CAMAC in order to understand how to assemble and best utilise these Ladder Hoists. If you wish to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable Sales Team, drop us a line today or send us an inquiry via email.


Please Note: Vertical versions must be attached to scaffold utilising scaffold clamps.