Warehousing serves as the backbone of modern supply chains,providing complete storage, distribution, and logistical solutions for themajority of products we see on the shelves – everything from food andpharmaceuticals to fashion and automotive.


Warehousing serves as the backbone of modern supply chains, providing complete storage, distribution, and logistical solutions for the majority of products we see on the shelves – everything from food and pharmaceuticals to fashion and automotive.

In such dynamic and demanding environments, lifting equipment plays a vital role in the efficient handling, organising, and transporting of goods within these warehouses, assisting in tasks such as loading and unloading, storage and retrieval, and inventory management.

Common types of lifting equipment found in the global warehousing network

Forklift Trucks:

A true workhorse of the warehouse, a forklift offers complete versatility and reliability when it comes to lifting and transporting heavy loads. Available in a wide variety of types, forklifts are commonly used for loading/unloading, stacking, material handling. You won’t find a warehouse anywhere that doesn’t have one.

Forklift Truck Attachments: 

Attachments such as extendable forks, hook attachments, lifting frames, and extendable jibs are indispensable items in a warehouse environment for transporting bulky loads. Additionally, you’ll commonly see items like forklift skips, magnets, and sweepers are commonly utilised in such workspaces.

Pallet Jacks:

Commonly known as pump or pallet trucks, this type of equipment is essential for moving palletised goods across short, smooth distances. Both manual and electric-powered versions are readily available – from brands like Warrior and Pramac – which are easy to operate. Simply slide the forks under the pallets, lift the load via electric or pump mechanism, and pull to its destination.

Pallet Stackers:

Stacker Trucks are utilised for lifting and stacking pallets. Equipped with forks similar to a forklift, this type of equipment is more suited to lifting loads to lower-to-moderate heights only. More commonly seen in smaller warehouses and areas with low clearance where forklifts are impractical.

Drum Handling Equipment:

Depending on the type of warehouse you operate in, drum handling equipment may be more apparent. Forklift items such as drum grabs, chains, and rotators, as well as drum dollies and hydraulic drum trucks.

Jib Cranes, Hoists, Trolleys, and Slings:

Often used in combination to form a precision-led heavy load lifting solution, warehouses commonly deploy Overhead Cranes, Electric/Manual Hoists, Beam Trolleys, and Lifting Slings (Round Slings and Chain Slings) for those super heavy loads. Options available from a few kilograms to several tonnes.

Vacuum Lifters:

Although a less common lifting solution, vacuum lifters from Fezer can be found in warehouses to lift items such as boxes, plates, glass panes, containers, and much more.

Lifting Tables & Scissor Lifts:

A common piece of equipment found in warehouses, lifting tables are often deployed by operatives who are manually stacking shelves, reducing the risk of back injuries through reducing bending over to pick up loads from floor level. Set these tables to a suitable height for best practice.

Conveyor Systems:

While not a traditional piece of lifting equipment, conveyor systems play one of the most crucial roles in automating material handling processes within a warehouse, often used in conjunction with other lifting equipment to facilitate a seamless movement of goods.

By understanding the capabilities of these lifting solutions, warehouses can easily optimise their material handling processes, improve inventory management, take efficiency to the next level, and reduce injury risks.

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Maintaining good condition of your equipment will only ever lead to positive results, whether that be extended lifecycles, improved productivity, or increased safety of employees, and that’s why the Health &Safety Executive (HSE) and LOLER regulations should be enforced in all workspaces.

Guidance from HSE states that every forklift truck much undergo regular ‘thorough examinations*’ at least once a year – although this maybe more frequent depending on the types of truck you operate – expect for situations where the truck is used for lifting people, then an ‘thorough examination’ should be undertaken every 6 months.

Additionally, forklift truck operators should take it upon themselves to undertake daily inspections such as a simply visual pre-check prior to use. This will help keep nearby workers safe and give the operators total peace of mind, and generally identify any costly future issues.

*This is a systematic and detailed examination of the equipment and safety-critical parts, carried out at specified intervals by a competent person who must then complete a written report. 


In the fast-paced world of warehousing, achieving efficiency, accuracy, and safety are ultimately paramount, and the use of lifting equipment
serves as a bedrock in a business’ drive towards operational excellent.

Utilising the right lifting equipment for your application will help facilitate the seamless movement and management of goods, empowering
businesses to meet the ever-changing demands of the global supply chain with true precision.

As we continue to move forward and our suppliers uncover new technological advances ready to help you meet customers’ evolving expectations,
the role of lifting equipment will continue to have a vital role in the ever-changing landscape of the warehousing industry.

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