Entertainment & Events

There aren’t many industries that are more dynamic than Entertainment and Events. But behind all the glitz and glamour lies a complex infrastructure of planning, equipment, and technology that enables production teams to captivate audiences worldwide.

Entertainment & Events

There aren’t many industries that are more dynamic than Entertainment and Events. But behind all the glitz and glamour lies a complex infrastructure of planning, equipment, and technology that enables production teams to captivate audiences worldwide.

Often an unsung hero, lifting equipment is central to this infrastructure, playing a crucial role in fulfilling a wide range of tasks, assisting the creation, production, and execution of films, television, live events, stage shows and theatre, and indoor and open-air concerts.

Entertainment & Lifting Equipment

Stage Rigging Systems:

These are vital in theatres, concert venues, and most live event spaces – basically anywhere there is a stage, you’ll find a rigging system. This type of complex system typically includes lifting equipment such as motorised hoists, trusses, and rigging hardware, like shackles and slings, that are used to suspend lighting fixtures, sound equipment, scenery, and sometimes performers above the stage.

The use of such equipment like electric hoists allows stagehands and other production staff safely and precisely lift, lower, and position heavy gear, assisting in the smooth scene changes and dynamic visual effects loved by audiences.

Lighting Trusses & Grids:

This type of equipment provides a framework for mounting and positioning stage lighting fixtures like spotlights, floodlights, and LED panels. Typically engineered from aluminium or steel, lighting grads/trusses are suspended from the ceiling or set into a scaffold infrastructure.

Here, lifting equipment such as chain hoists, electric winches, and ladder hoists are utilised to lift and lower the lighting rigs for tasks including installation, maintenance, and adjustment. This allows optimal illumination and visual impact during live performance and filming productions.

Concert & Event Staging:

Concerts, music festivals, and other live events feature elaborate and immersive stage designs. Equipment such as hydraulic lifts, platforms, and aerial rigging systems are often used to create these dynamic effects. Just think pop stars descending onto the stage, or aerial acrobats soaring across the circus. These type of performances require lifting and safety equipment like harnesses and ropes.

Set Construction & Installation:

In film, television, and music video production, elaborate sets are required to immerse viewers telling a story. Lifting equipment such as cranes, forklifts, furniture movers, pallet trucks, and scissor lifts are widely used to transport and position props and large set pieces to studio stages and outdoor locations. Whether lifting a car onto a stage or hoisting a spaceship into the air of a film set, lifting equipment enables creative visionaries to deliver their ideas with precision, efficiency, and safety.

Types of Lifting Equipment in Entertainment

Film sets, theatre shows, and music video production sets all have one thing in common, their reliance on lifting equipment to bring the vision to life. Whether that be constructing a set, manoeuvring props, lifting people, or executing the actual scene, a wide range of lifting apparatus is utilised. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more common items seen in these settings:


These versatile lifting devices come in a range of sizes and configurations, meaning there is always one suited to any job. They can be used to create overhead shots, camera movements, and simply lifting heavy equipment or personnel to high positions. Camera cranes, such as telescopic cranes and jib arm cranes, deliver smooth, controlled movements for filmmakers.

Forklift Trucks:

The clear winner when it comes to lifting heavy loads. The trust hydraulic lifting mechanism and forks facilitates the lifting and carrying of items, while specialist attachments enable users to turn into a multi-faceted tool. More commonly used in entertainment for loading and unloading vehicles, moving large items into position, and transporting equipment between sets.

Scissor Lifts:

Commonly used for lighting set ups, set decoration, and camera operation. They are also used to provide a safe and stable platform for crew members to work at heights, removing the need for scaffolding.

Genie Lifts:

Also known as material/personnel lifts, Genie Lifts are compact and manoeuvrable lifting devices widely used for lifting heavy loads and personnel to unreachable heights. Featuring a telescopic mast and platform/fork attachment for raising and lowering loads. This is particularly helpful when rigging lifts, positioning camera equipment, and accessing runways and catwalks.

Chain Hoists:

Both electric and manual chain hoists, or chain blocks, are used widely across the entertainment industry. Most commonly used for rigging lighting setups, suspending props, and lifting equipment to elevated positions. Whether electric or manual, both options provide stagehands with the ability to manoeuvrer heavy equipment/personnel with total control and accuracy. Specialist entertainment hoists are available at Lifting Equipment Store.


Again, both manual and motorised versions are commonly used within film and entertainment for flying props, moving set pieces, and creating special effects. Capable of moving vertically or horizontally, winches offer precise control of speed and direction, resulting in the smooth, controlled movements needed for exceptional scene transitions and other effects.

Please note that the above is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more elements to the lifting equipment arsenal used within the entertainment and events space. Each type of equipment serves a specific purpose, all while improving efficiency and safety.

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Equipment Selection for Outdoor Events

When using both lifting and work equipment, guidance given by LOLER 1998 and PUWER 1998 (respectively) must be followed. If you are intending to use equipment such as speaker clusters, lighting riggs, and other heavy equipment above floor level, careful consideration must be given if you’re to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

Take into consideration things such as environmental conditions that can cause supporting equipment to collapse or become slippery to handle ,and ensure that you only select equipment that is fit-for-purpose. Check out your Equipment Do’s and Don’ts guidance from HSE follow the link below.


Executing a creative vision isn’t easy. Bringing to life what is in the mind into a real-life situations takes careful planning, considerations, and the right equipment. Lifting equipment in particular is
probably just as important to the filmmaker or artist as a microphone or camera. It enables production crews to work with utmost precision, efficiency, and
safety, enhancing the overall quality and impact of the final product.

It will always remain an indispensable tool for
entertainment professionals, improving the experience for audiences around the globe. Should you be in the market for an entertainment industry-focused piece of lifting equipment and need advice from a knowledgeable team… give us a call

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