Green Pin

Green Pin

Green Pin, by Van Beest, have been an established ‘Made in Holland’ product of lifting shackles, turnbuckles, sockets, wire rope clips, and load binders since the 1970’s.

Green Pin products are widely used in different sections including maritime, offshore, construction, and industrial applications, where lifting, hoisting, and rigging operations are essentials.

The company places a strong emphasis on product innovation and quality control, ensuring that their lifting solutions meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty applications and adhere to the necessary safety regulations.

Manufacturing only the highest quality rigging products, fit to combat the challenges put to them, Green Pin shackles are favoured wherever you go.

In addition, Green Pin steps beyond traditional bow and dee shackles, offering a range of bespoke, off-standard shackles designed for extreme conditions, such as polar shackles, ROV shackles, and heavy-duty models capable of lifting up to 1500Tonnes.

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