Inverter Drives

Inverter Drives


Inverter Drives are used to gradually increase and decrease the running operation of a crane or hoist electrical motor instead of going from zero to full speed at the click of a button.

Designed for use with overhead cranes and hoists, our inverter drive systems from Magnetek prolong the life of gearboxes, brakes and mechanical components alike. The brake system does not engage until the system has fully come to a controlled stop via the inverter drive. This in turn acts as a sound investment in reducing ongoing maintenance costs, loss of revenue due to associated downtime.

This can be looked at in a similar light as a car engine, if your car went zero to one hundred miles per hour instantly and then back to zero instantly, this would cause significantly wear on the gearbox, engine and brakes let alone all of the other components. The same principal applies to a crane if it were to go from zero to thirty meters per minute and back without an inverter drive, this is effectively what is happening. The addition of the inverted control allows a variable speed by gradually building and reducing speed safely and efficiently.

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