CWI Connex Connecting Link

  • Up to 6.30 Tonne Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Construction 

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This stainless steel connecting link is drop-forged and stamped and consists of two symmetrical halves made from high-grade stainless steel. Its labour-intensive manufacturing process gives the product its outstanding quality. The connecting link may be divided and used for the universal assembly of chain slings, master links, master link assemblies, shortenings, shackles and other accessories and is guaranteed to be compatible with all pewag winner inox components of the same nominal size. The suspension bolt is locked by a stainless steel coil spring (mat. 1.4571) with a synthetic sleeve. The bolt and the shell are available as spare parts.


The manufacturing process of the CWI Connex connecting link is similar to EN 1677-1. The product is suitable for straight pulling only; the simultaneous application of loads by two or more legs must be avoided. After the universally usable connecting link has been assembled and disassembled three times, it is recommended to use a new bolt and a new shell, to be mounted securely by a professional, to ensure that the quality of the product remains unimpaired. CBHWI spare part sets are available.


It is ideally suited for use in water and wastewater applications and can also be used in connection with chemicals and food products; however, restrictions will apply. The stamp and the CE mark ensure that the product is clearly identifiable.

SKU Working Load Limit (kg) For Use With Sling Diameter (mm) e (mm) c (mm) s (mm) t (mm) d (mm) b (mm) g (mm) Weight (kg)
CWI 5-6 630 5mm 36 7 10 11 7 34 13 0.06
CWI 7-6 1250 7mm 54 9 13 14 9 51 17 0.14
CWI 10-6 2500 10mm 73 13 18 18 13 70 25 0.37
CWI 13-6 4250 13mm 92 17 23 25 17 86 29 0.76
CWI 16-6 6300 16mm 104 21 32 28 20 105 37 1.41