Drum Lifter (Loader) Trolley- Low Profile

  • Low profile drum lifter
  • Capacity: 300kg
  • Maximum Drum Lifting Height of up to 800mm 
  • For use with Steel drums

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The LES Drum Lifter (Loader) Trolley in low profile format is mainly used for high lifting or loading of drums onto and off of vehicles, the low-level legs allow for pallet loading and unloading. This drum truck is ideal for applications requiring a low profile lifter. Perfectly suited to lifting drums up to 305kg capacity (210 litre). The top rim grip clamp mechanism is very easy to position and grabs the drum by the drum rim this means the operator does not need to manoeuvre around or even touch the drum by hand. a touch-sensitive release valve lowers the drum safely back down to the ground. Maximum clamp lifting height is set at 1640mm (top rim), meaning most platforms and surfaces can be reached with ease.


A handy high lifting height suited to cars and vans and small lorries. Designed with the industrial environment in mind, the lift chain is carefully secured over a chain drive wheel by a heavy-duty plastic chain guide whilst the wheel is driven by a hydraulic cylinder controlled by a foot pump located at the base of the unit. This raises the jaw and lower rim support.


  • ​Spring loaded clamp gives a secure hold on any rimmed drum.
  • Little effort required for operation.
  • Disassembling easy for small storage and transport cartons.
  • For use with steel drums only


Unlike similar drum trolleys, our hydraulic van loader model is readily assembled and tested for instant use upon delivery. 


By driving the unit around a steel drum with the jaw grab positioned on the top rim begin to pump up the barrel or drum by using the foldable foot pump- ideal for tight spaces! Lowering of the system is achieves by slowly turning the valve control handle on the right-hand side of the unit.


Automatic locking and unlocking of drums via the spring-loaded jaw provides a strong grip around the edge of the drum top rim. When the pump is engaged this clamps down on the drum thanks to gravity and provides a firm and secure grip on the drum. A lower drum support adds additional stability and reduces any risk of drum sway when transporting and generally handling.


With two fixed front and two rear steering wheels positioning of drums is made easy by grabbing on to the conveniently placed handles which allow the operator to steer and propel the unit. Be confident when you park your drum truck- a braked rear castor wheel provides for additional load security. Low profile front wheels drive under pallets, low racking and shelving for precise positioning of drums in numerous locations. Lowering of the unit via the handy extended valve control ensures little effort is required to lower the load at a controlled pace.


All LES branded products are complete with a 12-month warranty, we stand by the quality of our products and each product is of our own unique branded design which features the above-known differences, and enhancements. We hold extensive data and a complete technical file for each of our LES products to ensure compliance to the absolute highest industry standards. Each unit is fully CE marked and complete with individual serial number and EU Declaration of Conformity certificate to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.