1,800kg Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers

  • Capacity: 1,800kg
  • Lifting height: 250mm
  • Price includes one PAIR (2pcs)
  • Heavy load moving trolley system

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£682.80 £569.00

This pair of hydraulic furniture movers is an ideal accessory for any person who requires a solution to lift and transport furniture that is bulky and heavy. 

  •  For professional transportation of heavyweight items such as pieces of furniture
  • Ideal for delivery companies/men, removal, maintenance & assembly applications
  • For vending machines, switch gear cupboards, safes, containers and machinery
  • Sold as sets: two transport units, built in securing straps (5m), Steering handles
  • The load is easily transported and exactly positioned.

Perfect for moving Tesla charger batteries!

Position lifting plates underneath the item to be moved. Tension securing straps. Lift item on both sides to equal height and move...Its as easy as that!

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