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As one of the UK's leading pallet truck retailers, we focus on providing such products. Our range consists of some of the most popular and versatile trucks on the market, which are both hard-wearing and durable, including pallet truck, pump truck and electric pallet truck.

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Each model we sell has been made from the very best components, and it performs to the highest standard. Our products are designed to exceed our clients' expectations, and weve developed a great reputation from past customers for doing just that. We supply pallet trucks that are superior to other trucks found online and Lifting Equipment Store makes a focused effort to provide customers with products that are packed with extra features that improve both the safety and the mobility of the truck.

All of our pallet handling trucks have been fitted with a high-quality hydraulic system that ensures easy lifting and safe lowering. Our comprehensive range that includes many models suitable for a variety of purposes, including:

Galvanized trucks, Long Fork Pump trucks, Heavy Lifting trucks, Stainless Steel Pump trucks, Printer Moving models and many more.


There are a number of models on the market that can help with all sorts of moving and lifting jobs. Some can travel easily over rough terrains while others can manoeuvre down narrow aisles with precision. One of the most popular types of pallet truck for sale is the Hand Operated Pump Truck. This truck is designed to sustain intense pressure and lift in the region of 2500kg, depending on the model. Quiet operation means it's possible to use several of these at once, without creating a noisy work environment.

Another popular type of truck is the Electric Powered kind.


This makes moving pallets seem effortless, whilst a handle is used to drive the truck, as well as lift and lower items. The motors are maintenance free; meaning the only up-keep involved will be the changing of batteries and parts. Other types include speciality trucks, which are designed to lift a range of niche items. Examples of these would be the Printer Moving and High Lifting Hand pallet trucks. Both add a new dimension to the lifting process


Pallet Trucks that Improve Functionality

Our pallet trucks are a cost-effective solution to the problem of lifting heavy goods. With pallets often weighing hundreds of kilos, it's imperative that a business has a plan in place to ensure the safe and efficient movement of them. In a warehouse environment, many of these trucks can be operating at any one time. For that reason, it's crucial that each one has great handling abilities as well as other built-in safety features. Wheel quality also goes some way to improving safety, yet this is an often overlooked factor.

The quality of a truck's wheels will not only improve its usability, but also its safety rating.

Smaller companies and even sole-traders make use of our models when lifting, proving their versatility. Less insurance will probably be present here due to financial constraints, but a low-quality product is dangerous no matter how experienced you are.


How Pallet Trucks Can Save a Business Money

Our high quality pallet trucks have increased in popularity in recent years due to their efficient nature. For a start, they reduce an employee's risk of injury significantly. Those doing heavy lifting often find they're more prone to back and muscular injuries. Another way they can help businesses save money is through protection of products. A truck is far less likely to drop a crate or pallet, meaning a business is less likely to experience shrinkage. These trucks also allow goods to be moved faster and transported quicker so you can significantly improve productivity.

To learn more about our wide range of Pallet Trucks, get in touch with Lifting Equipment Store today on 01384 567430.


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