Yale Hydraulic Valves & Pressure Switches

  • Maximum pressure of 700 Bar
  • Extremely lightweight

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Yale Hydraulic Valves & Pressure Switches are designed to limit or allow pressure flow through the hydraulic lift system. 

VSM Saftey Check Valves - These safety check valves are used for those applications where pressure drops (eg. holding of a raised load) must be avoided.

Depending on the location in a hydraulic circuit, these valves can have different functions. The model VSM-11 can be directly screwed into the oil port of a hydraulic cylinder and works at this location as a 'hose break fuse'. 

The design of the VSM-21 is suitable for a combination with VHP directional valves. 
At this location, the VSM-21 ensures that the pressure is held precisely and that pressure drops caused by operating the directional valve are avoided. 


VHM Throttle / Shut Off Valves - These valves are used to shut-off hydraulic lines especially in the middle of the cylinder systems. The needle valve VHM-1 also allows you to throttle and oil flow especially within lifting applications.


VPR External Pressure Relief Valves- Pressure relief valves are used when the system pressure (force of the connected hydraulic cylinder) should not exceed a certain value.


VPS Pressure Switch- This Precision adjustable pressure switch can be set to any pressure value between 5 & 700 Bar by means of a screwed adjuster. When The Preset pressure value is reached, an electrical contact is activated. For use with electrically operating directional control valve.

  • High-quality design and powder-coated finish
  • Black colour- ideal for theatre use
  • Models up to 320mm beam and 10,000kg WLL
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Yale 12 month return to base warranty

VSM Safety Check Valves

VHM Throttle Shut Off Valves

Model Pressure Maximum (Bar) Design Type Oil Port Cylinder Side A Oil Port Pump Side B Width (mm) Dimensions Length (mm)

Dimensions Width (mm)

Dimensions Height (mm) Weight (kg)
VSM-11 700 Needle 3/8-18 NPT Outer 3/8-18 NPT Inner 6 75 25 100 0.9
VSM-21 700 Needle 3/8-18 NPT Inner 3/8-18 NPT Outer 6 75 25 100 1
VHM-1E 700  Needle 3/8-18 NPT Inner 3/8-18 NPT Inner 6 70 28 88 0.4
VHM-2 700 Ball 3/8-18 NPT Inner 3/8-18 NPT Inner 6 83 45 61 0.9

Pressure Relif Valve

Model Control Range (Bar) Oil Port P Oil Port T Maximum Oil Flow (l/min) Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
VPR-1 0-700 3/8 NPT 1/4 NPT 10 120 40 0.8

Pressure Switch

Model Pressure Range (bar) Electrical Data Oil Port Difference Of Switch Point (Bar) Repeat Acuracy (Bar) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
VPS-1 100-800 5A/250V 3/8NPT 25-70 10 130x85 0.5