In the market for more than 60 years, German manufacturer Probst offer the world’s widest range of gripping and laying equipment to the civil engineering and construction markets.

Recognised for its innovative solutions in the fields of construction and landscaping, the company provides tools and equipment that significantly contributes to increased efficiency and precision across a wide range of applications.

Probst pride themselves on putting productivity and ergonomics first, setting out to achieve one aim: ‘make the live of those on construction sites every day, easier’ – and today, they are industry leading in that technology.

So, whether you’re in the garden, on the street, or in a civil engineering setting, Probst products are at home – from working with paving stones and pipes, to pretty much any other concrete products.

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  1. Probst STRINGTIGHT Strong Aid

    £46.79 £38.99
  2. Probst Multiple Alignment Bar

    As low as £182.39 £151.99
  3. Probst Safeflex SF Stone Clamp

    £231.59 £192.99
  4. Probst RSH Plump Line Fixture

    £19.19 £15.99
  5. Probst FMK Flexmarker Kit

    £177.59 £147.99
  6. Probst ENZ Pin Extractor

    £79.19 £65.99
  7. Probst GH-ERGO Rubber Hammer

    As low as £79.79 £66.49
  8. Probst QUICKDRAW Paver Marker

    £244.80 £204.00
  9. Probst KKT Brick Handles

    £68.39 £56.99
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