Forklift Road Sweeper Attachment

  • Up to 2450mm width
  • Optional replacement brushes (includes 5 rows as standard)
  • 270mm bristle length

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The Forklift Road Sweeper Attachment or otherwise known as the 'Basil' from Invicta is a quick and easy solution for clearing your loose granule products such as sand, topsoil, swarf, grain or any other similar products. The optional left and right and sweep gives you the versatility of cleaning your yard, roadways, footpaths or warehouse floor. The Fork Mounted Sweepers feature interchangeable blue nylon brushes and have the ability to hang a fork mounted magnet from the frame. The sweepers are available in a variety of different widths ranging from 1200mm up to 2450mm. 

Our Forklift Sweepers are heavy duty and include 5 or rows of brushes as standard depending on the model, but it's always handy to have a row or two of spare brushes to reduce any risk of downtime when wear and tear parts reach the end of their service life.

Model Brush Width (mm) No Of Brushes  Weight (kg) C Of G (mm)


1200 5 27 125


1500 5 37 125


1800 5 40 125
IFMS-1500 1500 8 51 185
IFMS-1800 1800 8 61 185
IFMS-2450 2450 8 95 185